List of tools in a toolbox – The Complete list (2021)

Do you want resourceful tools in your toolbox? But you may can’t figure it out the perfect way. However, no need to think about it. I’m here to give you the best possible way to find out resourceful tools your toolbox. So, don’t get late to read this article.

The list of tools in a toolbox needs to have all the tools that you need in everyday life. As well as you have to have some essential tool that is not used frequently but very useful. Let me sort out some tools for your toolbox.

Basic home toolkit:

Sometimes we need to repair our home appliances. And we have to go near repair shop to repair that or need to hire them to repair.  It will be convenient if we have tools to repair them. So that we can repair them ourselves. Thus, it will save money and time. also, there are some tools that can make our life easier. So, let’s see such tools :-

1. Measurement tape:

A measurement tape is such a tool that uses for our every room. For placing furniture, if you measure it and find out that whether the furniture is going to fit or not. For a new flooring, set up the new tablecloth, curtain for window a measuring tape can help you a lot. 25-feet long, 1-inch wide measurement tape is ideal for home use.

2. Hammer:

Do you need to hang pictures or need to put shelf support? Then you need a hammer. 16-ounce hammer can do all kind of home job.

3. Screwdriver:

Flathead and Philips head screwdriver is must have tool. To clean our computer, tighten up loose screw of any household appliances. A set of the screwdriver with interchangeable lips also very useful. Medium size is ideal for home use.

4. Pliers:

Needle-nose pliers and groove nose pliers are essential for home. Needle-nose pliers are uses frequently at home. Sometimes we need to remove nails then you will need the groove nose pliers. You can also buy wire cutting pliers for cutting wire.

5. Level:

Do you Think of straightening up pictures? Then a level can help you. Torpedo levels are ideal for this job. It can also help you drilling holes in a line.

6. Flashlight:

One of the must-have tool while you’re preparing a list of tools in a toolbox. You can feel its importance at night when there is no light. So, take a medium one for your toolbox.

7. Drill:

The drill can hole wall without damaging it. To put pictures on the wall without damaging it, you need a drill. A cordless drill can also help you regarding this matter.

8. Glue:

To do most of the household job you can buy some glue, such as; super glue, carpenter glue. Some other tools utility such as blades and holder felt, plastic, carpet dots, Putty Knife etc. a need for specific work.

9. Wrench:

A single wrench can tighten-up a different kind of nuts and bolts easily. Socket wrench, crescent wrench are most precious tools in a toolbox.

Essential tools for toolbox:

Some tools are quite essential and should be kept in a toolbox. It can help you regarding homework and or some professional job. Those are-

Hammer, screwdriver, measurement tape, wrench, cordless drill, level and utility knife and these are must have tool for tool box setup. Those you need have in your toolbox for any emergency.

Make a toolbox checklist before buying anything:

Toolbox checklist is an essential job to do. If you do it prior to setup your toolbox, will save your time. Before buying you have to think about.

1. How will be the list:

Note down all the basic home tool kit that you need frequently.  Those should be on your checklist. On the other hand, some tools, we need occasionally. So, you can get them later.

You don’t need to buy all the tools at a time. Its depend on what you are going to do with your tool. If you are planning some work to do later then you can buy that tool later. But there are some tools that are must have for you. So, make that list.

2. Quality of tools:

From my practical experience, I can tell you that don’t compromise the quality over the money. Because the tool is going to serve you for a long time. It is a onetime invest and gets the output over years.

On the other hand, a cheap quality will break down after a few uses. So, you will need to buy again and again. Also, the cheap one can harm your body while you are working with it. So, don’t ever think of cheap tools. Go for the quality one.

How to set up your toolbox?

A toolbox is as like as a personal zone. You can layout it according to your need, e.g. the regular uses one should be in front of your toolbox to get quick access.

Well, I can give you some tips to set up your tools.

1. By the tool's type:

If you have different types of tools for different work. Then set them separate part of your toolbox.  So, at first, you have to sort out the type then go for the setup. However, when you need one then you can get them quickly to do your work. You don’t need to search them when you need them.

2. For quick access:

Some tools that you use often then put them in the front or side pocket of your toolbox. If the toolbox is not portable one then, you can hang them near your workplace to get a quick access. It will save your valuable time.

3. By tools weight to get stable toolbox:

To get a stable toolbox, you have to put heavier tools, such as; drill, at the bottom of your toolbox. If the toolbox is portable then it will not give extra pressure to other tools, as it stays at the bottom. Thus, you can get benefit by doing this.

4. By your own way:

Obviously, it is more important. Your tools, your way. You can sort them by their color, brand, uses whatever you feel comfortable. Every toolbox owner has a different point of view to organize them. So, go for whatever like.

You can watch this video for getting quick idea.


Tools make a harder work to easy work. Tools organization is necessary to get quickly and also for easy transportation. The toolbox is to organize your tool. It can help you to find a tool easily and also to prevent from losing them.

All in all, this article is to help you to get a organized list of tools in a toolbox. Other than given list, you can get any tools that are necessary for you.

John Bryan

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