Impact Socket vs Regular Socket – The Ultimate Battle (2021)

If you are a DIYer or a professional mechanic then Impact sockets and regular sockets may sound familiar to you. But for the novice socket set users, it may be a place of great confusion what’s the big deal between these Impact socket vs Regular socket?

Keep reading and we’ll open up all the mysteries on this.

They may look similar in shape, but they are not the same thing when it comes in terms of working. Impact sockets are way more durable and strong than the regular sockets. So we can’t switch them while using them.

Therefore, here we are with the best article about Impact socket vs Regular socket. Here you can find out why they are different. Without stretching words lets dig into it.

Sockets and its types

Let’s dig a little deeper.

Sockets are a most common tool for any mechanical project. If you use any fastener, that means nuts or bolts to joint something, you must use a socket set. It will help you to tighten or loosen your fasteners. So, nowadays, it became an important tool for our day to day jobs.

There are many types of sockets. But the most types are related to each other except the Impact socket. And we will talk briefly about it. Furthermore, there is the various size of sockets. Regular sockets have a wrench that helps the socket to turn and do its job.

The measurement of the size of sockets is of two units. Imperial units and other one is Metric. So, be careful before you buy one. Moreover, if you have both of them, try to be sure before using them if you need an imperial or metric socket.

Why we use sockets?


Nowadays, sockets have been used to maintain many objects. The main reason behind it is the popularity of fasteners. We see fasteners in machine tools and electrical tools. So, to maintain them, you have to use sockets.

Before using sockets, we have used spanners to maintain fasteners. But they didn’t have versatility in size. Moreover, it took more space than a socket does. Therefore, people don’t use spanners so much and has been replaced successfully by the sockets. This is the reasons why we use Sockets.

Impact Sockets

Impact sockets are designed differently from the regular sockets. The design is compatible with a strong impact wrench. After combining them you can create a great amount of torque with them. They are powered by compressed air, electricity or hydraulically. Impact wrenches can store kinetic energy.

We can connect the energy source to rotate a hammer that can hold sockets. When we deliver the force for an instant with a great amount, it helps the torque to multiply itself to several times.

The metal which the manufacturer uses to make it is ductile. Moreover, the material is less brittle steel. So that, it can withstand great torque amount it delivers. The material also helps the socket to withstand the vibration created from the impact.

These type of sockets come with a color coating. This helps it to look different from other sockets.

Regular Sockets

Regular sockets are other than Impact sockets. They are of different types. The most common of them is Hex Sockets. It has six or twelve points with a square driver. Therefore, they are easy to handle. We can find them on a bicycle. There are socket bits which are used for long reaching fasteners.

 After that comes spark plug sockets. You can find them on engines. Then impulsive sockets. They all look alike. But they are used in the different job. However, if there is an emergency, you can use them in anywhere. There are some cautions that we have to keep in mind before using them for a different purpose.

So, we call them regular sockets because of their similarity in uses. Their look is pretty common. But their usage is different. Therefore, if you are a professional you can handle them in any situation.

The bottom line?

Impact Socket vs Regular Socket

We have known about the working process of two major types of sockets we are talking about. So, here we are with a short list of key differences between Impact sockets and Regular sockets:

  • Design difference: They both have totally different designed in their structure. So you can’t switch them to do a job.
  • Material: Impact sockets are more ductile than the regular sockets. So, it makes a huge difference between them.
  • Using Purpose: Impact sockets are used for delivering great torque. But on the other hand, regular sockets are for normal use only. They can’t withstand great torque.
  • Price: In terms of price, impact sockets are way more expensive than the regular one. So decide wisely if you are in need of a regular socket set or an impact socket set.

Why are Impact Sockets different?

These impact sockets are manufactured to stand against the high torque. The material of these type of sockets can withstand high impact. In this stage, regular sockets can split or shatter into pieces. It happens because of the high impact. This is the core difference between regular sockets and impact sockets.

Other than that, they have design differences that I mentioned earlier. I also said their price is high and their material is also different. The thing I haven’t talked about is its black color.

The black color represents its non-corrosive characteristics. Because it is a coating of black oxide. On the other hand, regular sockets have chrome coating. The chrome coating can rip off when we use it in vibration.

The impact socket is more safe and durable. It has a locking system that helps it to pop off while using it in high impact. This lock keeps it in one place. So it is safe to use and you should not worry about it.

Cautions while using them at the same place

Impact sockets and regular sockets are of different types. So you need to keep some cautions in your mind before using it. Here are some warnings that you need to know if you are going to use these sockets:

  • Don’t use bigger sized sockets. It is necessary for using both of these sockets.
  • Buy better quality of sockets. Because the quality matters so much as it works on heavy torque and vibration.
  • You shouldn’t use regular sockets in the place of impact sockets. Because they can shatter or split into pieces.
  • Use impact sockets gently and hold them tightly.
  • You have to use the lock system while using impact sockets.


We have come to the end of the article. We have talked about both impact Socket vs Regular Socket. If you have gone through this article, you can differentiate between impact sockets and regular sockets.

So, you have to choose what types of sockets you need for the project you are working. And the cautions are very important. So make sure you keep them in your mind while using them.

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