How to Wire a Doorbell Transformer

Have you ever thought that you should learn how to wire a doorbell?

Because if you know how to wire a doorbell, you won’t need to hire an electrician. And you will be able to save money.

For that, you have to know mainly how to wire a doorbell transformer. For that, I have first introduced you with the parts of the doorbell. Then I have sectioned the joining process of the doorbell transformer into three different types. Because in this way you will be able to know the different process.

Let’s visit this article to know how to wire a doorbell transformer.

Parts of the wired doorbell:

You can be amazed by thinking that the header of the article is about how to wire a doorbell transformer. Then why I am lagging this topic into this article.

Don’t worry!!!

If you want to know a topic briefly you should start from the very beginning. And for that reason, you should know the components that you have to wire.

There are main three parts of a doorbell. Those have been given below.

1. Chime:

Chime is the main part of the sound system of the doorbell. We hear the sound for the mechanism of the chime. And the chime is connected with the transformer as well as the switch.

2. Switch:

The switch is mainly a push button. This push button actually works as a connecting method. Two untouched wire get connected when you push the button. If you remove the switch and manually connect the two wires then the circuit will be completed and then the bell will be rung. But as it is not possible, we have to use a switch which will complete the connection and will let the chime active. Then you can release the switch and then the connection will get loose and for that reason

3. Transformer:

Transformer mainly used for reducing voltage which helps for doorbell’s compatibility. Such as the step-down transformer can be used for reducing the voltage from 110 – 120 to 16-20.

A doorbell transformer junction box can be mounted directly behind the doorbell chime and that will reduce the problem of locating.

There can be some type of wired doorbell. And let’s see them know how to wire a doorbell diagram.  I have mentioned that I will explain three types. They are here below.

A. Single doorbell button:

To install a single doorbell button means the whole kit of the doorbell will contain only a single switch and only a single chime. The chime will produce sound. The sound will be produced when the electricity will flow into the chime. The chime will be connected to the transformer. And the transformer will be connected to the switch. So the main via of passing electricity to the chime is the transformer. The transformer will let the electricity pass to the chime.

There will be a circuit which connects the wire of the switch and the chime. But the circuit remains always open. Only when someone presses the switch when the circuit gets closed and then the electricity flow to the chime from the transformer. That is the whole process. Now the main issue comes that how to wire a doorbell transformer because the main issue here is the transformer.

In the doorbell sound producing object means the chime, you will see some screws which has been labeled by ‘Front’ and‘ Trans’. So maybe you are now clear that what you have to do with these screws.  You have to attach the wire with these screws to the certain position.

You will find one wire which will come directly from the transformer and you have to connect that wire to the chime. You have to check in which screw has been labeled by ‘Trans’.  You have to put wire to that screw and then tighten the screw.

Then attach the wire from the switch to the chime where the ‘Front’ labeling will be found. That means you have connected the chime to the switch as well as to the transformer. Now you have to complete the circuit.

To complete the circuit you have to attach the wire from the transformer with the front door. Connect the wire consciously. Otherwise, maybe you have put the wrong wire to the wrong position.

Be alert that you have not attached the core plate of the wire when you push the wire into the switch. And also be alert of getting shocked.

This is the process of wiring a single button doorbell transformer.

B. Doorbell with multiple buttons:

Multiple buttons mean you have to set the doorbell with two or more than buttons but for an easy explanation I have chosen the two buttons doorbell system. Two-button doorbell system will let you understand the process perfectly.

You will need multiple buttons with a single chime when you will have a house with two doors. One door can be front and another one can beat back. So you have to implant switch to the front and back both doors. Otherwise, when someone will come to your house at the back door, he or she won’t find the switch to inform you his or her presence.

So for the two-door system house, there is the system of planting the wire in the doorbell transformer junction box. You don’t need to worry for that.

In the chime of that type of doorbell, you will find everything similar as the single doorbell button system. You have to open the cover of the chime at first and you will find there the screws. There will be some labeling like ‘Front’ and ‘Trans’ and additionally you will find there the labeling ‘Rear’. The rear labeling indicates the back door switch wire connection.

So, similarly as I have described earlier in the single doorbell button system, you have to connect the chime with the transformer. You have to find the ‘Trans’ labeling and you have to connect a wire which comes from the transformer to that screw. Tighten the screw and finish the joining of transformer and chime.

Then similarly connect the wire that comes from the front door switch to ‘Front’ labeling. After finishing the joining operation of the front door switch and the chime, you have to pay attention in joining the back door witch and the chime.

In the ‘Rare’ labeling screw, you have to push the wire which will come from the back door switch. Tighten the switch. Back door switch and the front door switch are now connected with the chime.

Now you have to complete the circuit. To complete the circuit you have to connect a wire to the transformer because still, you have one screw left from the transformer.

But the problem is now that you can’t only connect the front door switch to the transformer. You have the back door switch left. So you have to join the wire both from the front door and back door switch. Then connect the wire from that join to the transformer. So now the connection has been completed.

This is the process of the multiple button wire setup with a single chime.

C. Single button with two chimes:

You will need two chimes with a single button when you will have a wide house and from one end to another end you can’t hear the sound properly if someone press the switch. Or it may happen that you have the garage or the basement and there the sound doesn’t go. So, in this case, you have to connect another chime box.

Another chime box installing process is not different from other types that I have introduced to you.  The process is more simple then the multiple switch doorbell wiring. But there is a problem. I will tell you later about that.

You have to set one chime like the single doorbell button setting system. Means you have to set the wire from doorbell switch to the transformer and then the wire to the transformer from the chime. And lastly from the chime to the switch.

Now to install the other chime you have to just place the wire that comes from another chime to the already placed chime. Connect the wire labeling in the new chime ‘Trans’ with the old chime in the ‘Trans’ labeling. And then do same for ‘Front’ labeling.

But the problem is that normally the transformer that we use in our house for running the doorbell can bear only one doorbell. Those type of transformer can bear 6 voltage and 10VA. But if you install another chime, the transformer won’t be able to bear that. So, in that case, you have to install a new transformer which will be able to bear like 30 VA.

So this is the process of wiring the doorbell transformer with two chimes.


Now, you have the concept about how to wire a doorbell transformer. But always remember that the safety is first. If you don’t feel safe then don’t go with wiring the doorbell. Call an electrician and let him operate the whole process.

Take your time to read and understand the joining of the wire and do as I have said in the article.

John Bryan

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