How to Use a Ratchet to Tight Your Buckles in an Effective Way

Ratchets are widely used to tighten any buckles. You can see a ratchet is been using to tighten small boxes, paper boxes or even to tie up goods in case of moving them on a vehicle. Therefore, you can see it is a commonly used tool in our day to day life. 

So, if you are here looking for learning the use of a ratchet, this might be the first time you are using it. Moreover, you might forget the way of using it. Whatever the reason is, this article will help you to never forget how to use a ratchet.

What is a ratchet?

Ratchet is a device that consists a bar or sometimes a wheel with angled teeth in which a pawl, tooth or cog engages. This setup allows the motion in a single direction. A ratchet is a common tool for tightening. 

Before learning how to use a ratchet we have to learn the meaning of the tool that may help you to remember its usage.

Different applications of ratchet

In our daily life, there is a huge possibility of encountering ratchets. Ratchets are a kind of mechanical tool that makes the motion of any strap in one direction. Therefore, it is used for tightening mostly. Here are different applications of ratchets that we may come across.

1. Household Usage

For making your household tools in a pack, you can use a ratchet. If you are using small boxes to keep all of your tools that you use daily, you can tie the box up using a ratchet. Therefore, it makes the job easy to keep your home clean. When you use something to hang up in our home, you can use a ratchet to hang them up perfectly. 

Moreover, you can use ratchets to tie up something that you need to keep in one place. Ratchets are that kind of tool that keeps the delivered motion in one way. Therefore, if you try to tie up something, it won’t come off easily.

2. For Boxing Your Goods

If you want to put your goods in a box and want to hold them for a long time, you can tie up them with a ratchet. As ratchets make the motion in one way with the jaw in it, it makes the tie tight. So, your goods are protected until you use them again.

In addition, if you want to move to a new place this ratchets will also help you to move your boxes those are full of goods. Therefore, you can see there are many ways to use a ratchet. This is one of the applications of how to use a ratchet in the best way.

3. Packing Large Boxes

When you are moving large boxes that have goods which need to hold tight, the ratchet will help you there. Ratchets make a tight tie, so that, you can pack the box and move them safely. These type of need may arise when you are moving your house.

Moreover, in shipment, there are huge numbers of boxes that need to be held in a cargo. So, you have to use a ratchet there as there is no replacement for this tool. It is that much important in such kind of factors.

4. Vital Tool for Hikers

Hiking is one of the most popular adventures people goes on nowadays. In this adventure, you should keep many types of surviving tools. Ratchet is one of the most important of them all. Because sometimes hiking takes place in rough natural places. In hilly places, you may have to cross a river.

On the other hand, you have to make a tent for spending the night. Moreover, you may have to tie up something there. In that situation, reversible ratchets are the one and only solution. Because ropes are not always the best thing to tie up. In that case, ratchets are the best company for hiking.

5. Official Purposes

Ratchets are also used for many official purposes. When you have some files that you need to tie up normal ropes is not the best choice for official work. Moreover, if you work in a postal office or any kind of office where lots of file works, ratchets are common tools.

To tie up old files in a box you can use a ratchet. There are some ratchets which are reversible. You can use these types of ratchets as those files may be needed in future.

6. Cargo Packing

Packing a cargo, there is nothing dependable than a ratchet. Because cargo's move a long way. It can be by train, or truck or a ship. So, the goods inside the cargo need to be in one place and it should be stable. In this case, there is no other option except the ratchets.

If you visit any shipment areas, or if you receive any large boxes from shipments in your mailbox, you can see they are wrapped in the hard paper box and tied up with ratchets. These solutions to how to use a ratchet in right way.

7. Usage in Vehicles

In vehicles, you can see seat belts, these are a kind of ratchet straps. It is reversible. So, you can put on your seat belts and put it off. Every cars company uses ratchets in a large sector. On the other hand, in motorbikes, you can tie up boxes in it with a ratchet.

Because ratchet will help it to stay stable when the bike is on move. In the delivery job, a ratchet is the most needed tool. So, you can say, ratchets are commonly used in many vehicles.

8. Widely Uses in Bags

Bags are one of the most important good that we use in all the way of our life. Ratchets are also seen in bags if it has straps. Bags have straps that contain reversible ratchets. You can enlarge the straps and shorten it as you please. To do so, ratchets are the main tool here.

From this description, you can see that ratchets are widely used in various kind of works. Therefore, you have to know how to use ratchets in the right way.

Why is ratchet a reliable way for tightening the buckles?

Ratchets are used all the way in our daily life. They are renowned in many sectors of our workplace or home. Here are some reasons for what ratchets are the most reliable way to tightening buckles.

1. Flexibility

If you have used any ratchets you know that they are very flexible. They mainly are made in the small shape, so you can use them anywhere you want to buckle up. So, it is flexible to use and it works so well in any job. Therefore, you can rely on it in any condition.

2. Easy to operate

Ratchet is easy to operate whenever or wherever you use. If this is new to you, you can use after watching it done once. So, it is very easy to use. This is why it is widely used for various purpose. Therefore it’s reliable and it is durable too.

3. Widely used

It is known as a universal tool, because of its wide usage in many sectors. If you look at bags, it has some type of ratchets. In vehicles, you can see the same type of ratchets. No matter where they are manufactured they all has same things. So, you can rely on this tool if you want to use it.

4. Easily affordable

These ratchets are easily affordable if you want to use it. So, for mass use for your factory or small business purpose. As it is not expensive and durable, so you can easily make the profit giving the best service. Therefore, your product will be reliable to your consumers.

5. Huge versatility

Ratchets are of different types. There are many kinds of ratchets that are used for different purposes. Because of its versatility, it can be used for different purposes. Because of this multipurpose uses, it is reliable. As people won’t use it always if they aren’t good enough, isn’t it?

6. Market Availability

You can easily find a ratchet if you need one. They are very common and widely used that you can find it in any hardware shop. So, if you have used a ratchet in one of your tools, don’t worry. You can replace them easily if it is damaged. So, this is another reason for relying on this tool.

Here is some highlighted reason which shows us the true nature of the ratchet and its usefulness. Because of it, people can easily rely on them to tighten the buckle.

Step by step procedure for tightening buckles by using a ratchet

There are four steps for tightening the buckle using a ratchet. Furthermore, there are 3 ways to release the buckle. As people use reversible ratchets, there are the steps you need to follow. Threading the buckle with ratchet :-

Step: One (Placement of webbing)

If you want to thread a buckle you have to place webbing into the slot of the ratchet. When you are through this and slot web, in the center there is a rotating spool. This will close the ratchet.

Step: Two (Pulling the strap)

The next step is to pull the strap web through the slot. This will start to tighten the ratchet strap. It will also leave some slack.

Step: Three (Tighten the strap)

You have to raise the ratchet to tighten the strap. Through rising lowering the handle you can start ratcheting.

Step: Four (Locking for certain range)

When you have started ratcheting, it will wind itself into the slot. This will lock it in a certain place. So that, if you ratchet it further, it will start increasing the tension of the strap.

Releasing the buckle with ratchet

Step 1. (Release the webbing)

If you want to release the webbing, you just have to pull the ratchet and hold it to release tab. Releasing the tab on the top assembly that will override your ratcheting function.

Step 2. (Opening and assembling the ratchet)

The next step is to open the ratchet till both of these assemblies are in a single line. You have to keep in mind that the assembly has to click into the detent.

Step 3. (Grabbing the webbing from the no-fixed end)

You have to grab the webbing from the no-fixed end. After grabbing it you just have to pull to release the webbing. So it’s an easy method to use a ratchet to tighten buckles.

Details safety steps-you need to remember

As it is a tool and it has a jaw or teeth to make the motion in one way, you have to be careful while using them. Here are some safeties tips that you need to follow while working with ratchets.

  • You have to watch how it is done at least once. Moreover, you can follow all the steps we have described here correctly. This will make sure of your safety.
  • Don’t tighten too much if you have sensitive goods in the box. On the other hand, don’t buckle it loosely, that can make slip the boxes you are tying.
  • Make sure your jaws are properly connected. It can cause severe damage if you are moving your goods.
  • You have to put the straps in right way. If you don’t make the loop of straps in the right way it can’t make the proper tension that you need to have your straps.

For more info, please check this video.


From this article, you can find out how to use a ratchet in an effective way. We have discussed every important point elaborately. Therefore, you can make sure of getting the proper solution to use a ratchet properly. If you are a novice user or you have forgotten to use them, this article will provide the right way to learn the effective use of ratchets to tighten the buckle.

You know that ratchets are widely used in various products. Therefore, it is a very important tool that you have to know the usage of it. Therefore, this is the right place for you to learn it.

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