How to soften leather tool belt as a beginner (2021)

A tool belt made of leather often faces problems of going harden due to some unavoidable reasons. Softening leather tool belt help you using the tool belt comfortably. As a beginner, you have a lot of option to soften leather tool belt.

Using Vaseline or olive oil or different leather treatment products helps much to soften leather tool belt. Learning process of softening helps you to maintain the standard quality of the belt and using that for long period of time. Any misconception of softening process can bring damage for this expensive leather product.

Hence, I’m here to inform ins and outs about how to soften leather tool belt along with the complete procedure to soften leather belt. Just keep staying.

Why softening leather tool belt is so necessary?

1. Good for health

Hard leather, as well as a leather tool belt, can harm the health and body of a user. The soft leather tool belt is comfortable to carry out and much standard to use. Hard leather tool belt can bring many diseases like autoimmune system disease which results in dark and hard appearance in the skin.

2. Hard leather tool belt Can cause injury

It is sure that hard leather can cause injury when soft leather has less chance of this. The stiff leather is too much dry and a little bit sharp and rugged which can cut and scratch the skin of the body. Softening leather tool belt reduces the scopes of this cases.

3. Ease to use

While carrying on the shoulder due to tool belts weight the softer one has advantages over the harder one. Easily one can handle and work with the softer one because it becomes smooth enough to work with while the harder belts rough surface cause various problems. 

4. Has long durability

Various weathering agents like sun, rain or dust have enough strength over the surface of the leather tool belt to reduce its durability and strength. For you, it is very much necessary to know how to soften new leather tool belt because it can make the tool belt more durable.

5. Flexibility

In the working site, leather tool belt often needs to be flexible for more working efficiency. Hard leather tool belt will face more damage if it bends or face pressure in large scale for flexibility, soft tool belt are the solution of this problem.

When you get understood that it is high time for softening your leather tool belt?

Using for long period

For the waist, it is very much harmful in the long run if someone wears this for long period time. In this case stiff leather can cause many hampers; on the other side soft leather can reduce the chance of bad effect.

Sign of damage

The stiff leather is more liable to be damaged. Whenever user feels that leather structure may fail, the user should soften leather tool belt. There are many curve and stitch in a leather tool belt which is considerably weaker than other portion of the tool belt. Those are very much liable to be affected by various reasons.

After heavy use

While working outside for a long time the leather of the belt may get stiff due to rays of the sun, ultraviolet ray or dust of the environment or of the working site. The user needs to soften the leather as soon as possible whenever faces this kind of heavy working condition.

After a long break

If a leather tool belt is not used for a long period of time then it may have been gone stiff. In that case, user should soften his leather tool belt before use neither just after few moments of using the leather tool belt may face failure of its structure.

Feeling uncomfortable

The hard leather tool belt is uncomfortable for reasons. After use for several days or after a break of few days, a user may feel that it has gone stiff, in that case, one should choose process of how to soften leather tool belt asap.

It happens any accident

The material used for softening can fade away after having an accident which may result in a hard leather tool belt. So to continue the softening process it is high time for you to choose the process of how to soften leather tool belt.

If used by multiple persons

Handing over the leather tool belt one by one may cause results of being hardening. Or it may appear to a user that the belt is hard, in this cases you should know how to soften leather tool belt.

New product

Newly bought leather tool belt may become hardened due to long travel during the shipping process. Or sometimes due to some unknowing reason newly bought one may become stiff then softening process should follow.

Different process of making the leather tool belt soft

1. Use rubbing alcohol

Using rubbing alcohol is one of the solutions to soften leather tool belt. In a cotton ball or tissue or towel, one has to take little bit rubbing alcohol. Then swabbing the leather surface by this will soften the leather tool belt soft. In this process, enough time should provide to soak the alcohol deeply.

2. Providing Vaseline

Taking any kind of petroleum jelly type product or Vaseline into your finger and spreading this across the surface of the whole belt can soften your leather belt. Deep layer of Vaseline is not necessary for this process, thin layer of these will work better.

3. Rubbing natural oil

Leather tool belt needs to be exposed out for a while so that pores get a chance to open up. Coconut oil or any other oil will work. Then rub the oil over the whole surface for multiple times. The more is the oil the softer is the tool belt. Drying out belt ends up the process.

4. Products for leather treatment

Various leather conditioner or leather treatment product is found in the market. Following this process is a little bit expensive as the product is expensive. Some are applied by spraying or spreading or rubbing, after this letting the belt to dry before wearing will provide a solution.

5. Moisturizing

There is few soap containing water and other chemical ingredients as example saddle soap or glycerin soap can be also used for moisturizing the tool belt. Very first the tool belt should be cleaned by the soap and then wipe that and leave it to dry naturally.

6. Soaking the end

In this process, the end of the tool belt needs to soak in water for few moments, around 1 minute in perfect. Use clamp or Velcro to flatten the edge portion. Providing beeswax leather conditioner will soften the leather tool belt.

If you wanna learn more then don't forget to check this video.

Why using the leather treatment product is the most effective for the beginners?

1. Less unfamiliar with another process

Another process of softening is very much technical and need to be done carefully so that no harms can happen to the tool belt. If little bit back and forth happens during softening process then this expensive item can face damage.

2. Easiest way of softening

The process of softening tool belt by the product is provided with the product by the manufacturer. Simply following the steps results in a soft tool belt. Users just need to spread, spray or swab the material. No need to worry about mixing trouble.

3. Most effective way

In another process, there are various steps to accomplish softening process. Little bit mistake in any step can hamper the quality of the leather. Also softening process may results failure. But in this process only to spray, spread or swab fulfill the process. There is no chance of mixing the ingredients wrongly which results in most effective way softening.

4. More efficiency

The chemicals used in leather treatment product is much efficiency, the mixture is made for such cases to work very quickly. Also, the products are manufactured in the way that their effects are less affected by the weather.

5. Less side effect

Vaseline or natural oil or any other natural process has a scope of affecting the leather by several organic matters. The leather treatment products have been manufactured considering the issue of being affected. Max of the manufacturers assures not to happen this kind of unexpected occurrence.

6. Quick process

All other processes have several steps of softening one's tool belt, which kills a lot of time. When just before using, spraying or spreading or swabbing the leather treatment product over the surface completes the process. Steps are very few in this process which quicker the softening process.

7. Cheap process

The process of using leather treatment product is considerably less expensive than few another process. Using very little amount, it works much better as expected. So this brings decision to choose this economically softening process.

8. Close at hand

The materials can be carried easily even in your pocket and found easily in the market. Dependency over other material like water or other ingredients is not necessary while using this material, only the material is needed.

Price range of leather tool belt softening materials

The price range of Vaseline or any petroleum jelly starts from $4. If rubbing alcohol is the choice then it will be little bit expensive as of these products price range starts from $8 and various leather treatment product such as saddle soap or leather conditioning cream or leather dye costs starts around from $2 and $4.

Cautions you need to remember

  • Should avoid using excess amount of Vaseline, oil or any other item over its surface as excess amount may result in damaging the belt.
  • Before and after following softening process humidity level should maintain as per instruction.
  • Should avoid leaving tool belt under sun for long period.
  • Never use a dryer, use natural process where drying is needed.
  • Once in a month is enough good for conditioning process.
  • Following the process of softening given with the product is better option.
  • If water is used in any step, then the belt needs to dry carefully so that no water or damp condition remains.
  • Minor color change may happen during softening process, so standard amount and procedure must maintain.


To know how to soften leather tool belt is very much important for you to maintain the standard quality of the leather tool belt. For you, taking steps to soften the leather tool belt unknowingly can bring unexpected damage to this expensive tool belt. The soft leather belt can be much beneficial to you and increase your efficiency.

Before using leather tool belt choosing the right procedure for softening the leather tool belt can bring enough efficiency for a user. You can use a hard leather tool belt but soft one and it is the better option always. Hope you've got the answer to all of your asking about how to soften leather belt. Thank you.

John Bryan

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