How to Replace Wired Doorbell

A few days ago I have faced some problems when I have seen that my doorbell is not working!!!!

Then I searched in the websites to find a new doorbell and I found a new one at a moderate price also. Then the problem comes with replacing. As I had no knowledge of how to replace a wired doorbell. So I was bound to call an electrician for replacing. I saw that the process isn’t much tough but for the lack of my knowledge, I had to pay extra money to him.

So, I decided to learn the procedure and after learning I decided to expand this knowledge to everyone. If you are facing the similar problem like me, you can go through this article.

In this article, you will find such a   simple explanation on this topic in a detail. So, go through the article and save your Money!!!

To ensure the procedure of replacing you will need some instrument. At first, let’s see them.

  • 1
  • 2
    Voltage tester
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
    Drill with bits (if necessary)

Now the replacing process that you should see at first on replacing the switch of the doorbell.

Replacing the switch:

The replacing of the button of the doorbell has been introduced to you below by converting them into some paragraphs by some bullet points.

  • At first, you have to switch off the main transmitter of your house so that the electricity can’t do any harm to you by giving you the shock.
  • Then you have to open the screw of the switch. If you don’t find the screws, use flat head screws and remove the cover of the switch.
  • Remove the screws that are connected to the wires. Remove the wire from the switch and tape them so that they don’t go into the hole of the wall. You don’t need to remember that which wire is for which wire because all the sire that is going to be connected to the new switch are interchangeable.
  • Now hold the new doorbell switch and loosen the screws on the back. Now remove the tape from the wires and connect the wires to the screws. Then tighten them perfectly so that wire can’t move aside.
  • Now hold the doorbell switch and use the screw to mounting on the wall that has been provided with the doorbell.

Replacing the chime box:

The chime is the main part of the wired doorbell. If the topic of how to fit a wired doorbell comes, then the replacing or changing will be the main topic because you need to pay attention to different points which you don’t need to do on replacing the chime box.  So let’s see the procedure.

  • Check the power of the house again. As you have turned off earlier during replacing the switch, check again for surety.
  • Remove the cover from the old chime. Simply lift the cover-up from the main chime box where the metal unit is located in the chime box.
  • After removing the cover you will find a panel with two or three screws. Those screws will be labeled by Trans which are for the transformer, Front which is for the front door and then you can find the Rear or back for the back door for some type doorbell which has the option for two switches.

A. Use a screwdriver to loosen the front door labeled screw:

  • After the loosening, you can unhook the wire and take a small piece of tape and write down the front, back or Trans on them. Then put those tape on the specific wire to remember the connected screw terminal. But you can skip this if you find the different color of the wires.
  • Now remove the old chime box from the wall using a screwdriver. Remove the metal chime plate from the wall also. Take the chime box out safely and gently because of the loose wires that have come out from the hole of the wall.
  • After removing the chime box from the wall, the two or three wires that have come out from the wall can slip back into the wall. So you need to tape them to the wall with two pieces of tape.
  • check
    Then you have to set the new chime box on the wall. You have to set the same size-structured chime box. Remove the tape from the wire and then push them into the hole of the chime box gently.

B. Always hold the wires with your fingers until you put the screw and secured the box because the wires can slip into the wall:

  • Pick the screws that have been given the new doorbell and set the new chime on the wall.
  • Then check the chime box. You will find that the screws also have labeling like Front, Back, and Trans. Loosen the screw and put the wire through the screw. When the copper wire will go around the screw, tighten the screw. Don’t let the insulating portion insert into the screw.
  • Now turn on the power button to check that the doorbell is working or not. Check both doors if you have the back door. If you can hear the sound clearly after pushing the switch, then you have replaced a doorbell perfectly.

These are the process of how to replace a wired doorbell.


The doorbell plunger stuck into the chime and whether the springs displaced from the location, you have to replace the whole doorbell kit. So it is necessary to know every process elaborately.

So you can go through the whole process but if you don’t need then you can only go through the necessary part. For that reason, I have sectioned the article into two part.

Read the article and during replacing try to follow the safety rules.  

John Bryan

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