How to Replace a Doorbell Button

A small doorbell button has a great impact on the doorbell system. Do you ever think about it? Do you know how to replace a doorbell button? If your answers are no, try to find the proper answer. Because these type of small things are important for maintaining a doorbell.

The doorbell button is the input taking part of a doorbell. It is a basic part and without it, the doorbell system is incomplete. Like other tools, it can be damaged or get mechanical errors. For this kind of situation, you have to fix it or replace it. Most of the times you have to replace the button if it doesn’t work properly. So, knowing the replacing process is important if you use a doorbell.

If you know about the replacing process, let’s test it. Hope you will find a complete guideline about this process here.

What You Will Need

You need some tools to replace the button. Without those, you cannot complete the work. Those things are here.

  • Screwdriver
  • Wire cutter
  • Electrical tape
  • check
  • check
    Connecting wires

How to Replace

You may use a wireless or wired doorbell. If you want to replace the doorbell button, you have to know how to replace wireless doorbell button or wired doorbell button. They are the same process. Here you will find the clear picture of the replacing process.

1. Purchase a new button

You will find various types of doorbell button on the market. You have to choose the suitable type or model for your home. When purchasing consider your needs, budget, your doorbell model etc. If the new doorbell button is not suitable, you will face some troubles when you will install it.

2. Remove the old button

For replacing a doorbell button, you have to remove the old button at the beginning. Finding the doorbell button is not difficult at all. The doorbell button can easily find at the door.

Before removing the button, you have to switch off the main power line. It will give you proper safety. Then open the button cover wisely. If the cover is closed by screws, unstuck them carefully. If the button box consists of any screw, check the joint parts and open systematically. That’s how to remove a doorbell button that has no screws. When all the screws are unstuck, check the connections.

Now, you have to disconnect the connections of the old doorbell’s button and separate the wires carefully. Then the old button removing process is finished.

The buttons can be round, straight, square or unique design. By removing those, you can replace them. For example: if your doorbell button is round model, you don't have to think about how to replace a round doorbell button. Because the removing process will make the replacing process same as the other types.

3. Caulk old screw holes

The shape of the old button screw-holes may not be same as the new button. So, you have to caulk old screw holes properly to attach the new one. It is ideal to make the holes water and dust resistance.

4. Connect the new button

It is the main part of the process. When you install the new button, your replacing work will be finished. For that, you have to know how to install a doorbell button. Here you can learn this.

First, wire the new button rightly. Normally you will find two wires for connection. One is for input and another is for the power line. After wiring, it, close the button box properly. Now attach the button to the wall using screws.

5. Check the new button

When all the steps are done, it needs to be checked before using it. Check the connections with a multi-meter. If there is any connection problem, you can find it then. After finishing the test, switch on the power line. Then press the button to check it finally. If it works properly, your job is done.


When you will perform the doorbell button replacing work, it is necessary to take some safety steps. They are here.

  • 1
    Before starting work, turn off the main power switch and test the doorbell is neutral or not. Start the replacing work only when the device is neutral.
  • 2
    Don’t work at night.
  • 3
    Keep your hand safe when unscrewing the screws or test the connections of the wires.
  • 4
    Put the open screws in a safe place.
  • 5
    When your work is finished, don’t touch the live wire if you switch it on.

Bottom Line

The doorbell button is the most used part of the doorbell system. Without it, the doorbell cannot give any notification to you. So, if the button is not working properly, you have to replace it as quick as possible.

By knowing how to replace a doorbell button, you can do it easily and it will be helpful for the doorbell maintaining work. Hope I have gotten a clear idea about the replacing process of the doorbell button and you will apply it in your practical life.

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