How To Paint A Doormat – Expert’s View

In our everyday life in our house we use a lot of accessories. Doormats are one of the accessories that are working for us literally all the time of the day. From the morning to the night, repeating. Different people have different taste in things. You might not find a doormat of designs that you like. Worry not because I’m here to tell you how to paint a doormat.

Doormats are pretty easy things to color or paint. You can spray pain door mats. I’ll be telling you how to paint a coir doormat. The process is really easy. Go through the article to learn how to paint a doormat.

What Is A Blank Doormat?

Blank door mat is simply a normal doormat which doesn’t really have any design on it. The mat is made of a hundred percent cotton and lasts really long. The shape is rectangular and portrays a solid form. A blank doormat has a really good quality of absorbing dust. These types of doormats are ideal for everyday use.

Doormat Painting Equipment You Need To Know About

If you’re trying to learn how to paint a doormat then an important step is to know about the equipment's that are used to paint a doormat. Some are lined up below.

1. Blank Doormat

The first thing that you will need is a blank doormat. Blank doormats are easy to find. You’ll find them in stores. The blank doormat will work as your canvas in this process.

2. Laxative Paint

The laxative paint will do the work for you. It doesn’t get off easily so you don’t have to worry about it getting attached to everywhere it touches

3. Paint Brush

You will need paint brushes to put the color on the blank doormat. The colors can be used in any pattern as you like.

4. Masking Tape

You will use masking tapes to attach your mat to a wall or a table while you color it. You can also use masking tapes to restrict areas on the mat so that you can create new and different designs on it.

5. Newspaper

You will need newspapers to coat the place where you’ll do the coloring. The paint is really stubborn so while you color if the paint spills on something valuable then the valued item I’ll be stained literally permanently.

Why Do You Need To Spray In The Doormat?

Coloring your doormat your self can be really fun and enjoyable. Most people use regular acrylic paint or laxative paint to color their doormat. But using spray paint on your doorbell is also a very good choice. You can use stencils on mats by using spray paint. Watch diy doormat stencil videos online to have a better idea. Now let’s talk about why you need to spray the door mat.

1. Easy To Use

When you use spray paint it’s easier to color. You can use the sprays any way you want to finally have a design of your on liking.

2. Less Time Consuming

Spray paint takes lesser time to dry up and also it covers more area at a time. So it’s easier and faster to use spray paint instead of acrylics. The spray paint also soaks up pretty quickly so it’s easy and fun to use.

3. Freedom Of design

When you use spray paint you are free to do whatever you want. As you’re using spray paint you will be able to design however you like.

4. Cost

Spray paint costs much less than laxative paint. So if you are hoping to paint multiple mats then choosing spray paint would always be a better choice.

5. Flexible

Spray paint can be very easily fixed because you can always color over it again for a new design. You can use new spray paint on the older one and it would look just fine. So because of that if you don’t like a design that you just did you can always change it by just drawing or painting over it.

How Can You Make The Spray In Your Door Mat More Efficiently

When you use spray paint you have to make sure of maximum efficiency. Spray paint is really fun to use but you have know how to do it the correct way. Spray painting increases your knowledge in the field of how to paint a doormat. Spray paint works really nice on doormats but there are some things that you have to keep in mind while using spray paint. Let me tell you a few ways.

1. Be Creative

While doing the spray paint be sure to use it as creatively as you can. The sprays are very flexible to do all kind of design you want. So when you’re spray painting, be creative.

2. Use Multiple Colors

When you’re spraying, use different types of colors so that the contrast is catchy to a viewer’s eye. The more colors you use the brighter your mat looks. That’s an important part you should keep in mind if you want your work to look the most efficient.

3. Combining choices

While spraying, don’t just use the same medium of colors. Create a mixture of spray paint, acrylic paint. Combining them you’ll find a beautiful outcome.

4. Spray Gun

While you are trying to spray paint your doormat you should always use a spray gun. Spray guns are really easy to use and work very efficiently. If you use spray guns then there is less possibility of paint wastage.

5. Respirator

Spray paints are mostly made of toxic materials because of which it’s harmful for your eyes, skin. These respirators help you to breathe properly while you use the spray paint.

Painting Procedure In A Doormat

If you have been patient enough all this time then it’s finally time for me to tell you how to paint a doormat. Follow these steps to learn how to paint a doormat.

1. Prepare Your Gears

Before you start painting you need all the work materials with you. What you’ll need is a blank doormat, paint, masking tape, brush, contact paper, a knife. These items are essential for you to paint your doormat.

2. Select Your Design

After you’ve prepared your gears it’s time for you to fix a certain design which you want to do on your blank doormat. If you want to put a sentence on your mat then select a certain font. The font doesn’t have to be traditional. You can choose anything you like after all it’s your mat and you are the one who’s going to do it.

3. Creating And Applying The Design

After you have selected your font it’s time for you to write down whatever you want on the contact paper. When you have written the sentence on the contact paper, place the paper on your mat and be sure that it is straight.

4. Applying The Color

After you have put the paper on your mat then it’s time to attach it on the mat. After you’ve attached the paper very tightly, start putting paint on the paper very smoothly. Be careful to not color too roughly or else the paper might get detached.

5. Removing The Paper

After you’re finished putting the paint on the mat and the paper its time for you to just simply and very gently removing the contact paper off of your mat. Don’t be too quick and also don’t be too fast while doing it.

6. Drying The Paint

After you have removed the paper its time for you to just relax and let the mat dry off. It’s better if you put it in sunlight. After the paint has dried off, you are ready to go.

Process Of Painting A Coir Doormat

Coir doormats are very efficient in case of absorbing dusts. If you have a blank coir doormat and want to paint it manually yourself then stay with me and read these steps.

1. The Stencil

You can find diy doormat stencil in the market. Or you can also create your own. By using a poster board you can create your own stencil. Select a font of your own liking and then just write it up on the board. Then cut it out nicely.

2. Mounting The Stencil

After you have managed your stencil it’s time for you to cut it in the correct shape and put it on the doormat. While you are mounting it on the doormat, use masking tape to attach it really tightly to your mat.

3. Preparing Your Workplace

After you’ve mounted the stencil or the contact paper, take newspapers and put a lot of it under your doormat and around it. So that paint doesn’t spill out and stain things around you.

4. Putting On The Paint

After you have created the work-space it’s time to color. If you’re using spray pain then before using the paint thoroughly and nicely shake the spray can. The color inside the can needs to be nicely mixed for it to be completely efficient. After you’ve shaken the can nicely, use the paint keeping at least a distance of 6 inch.

5. Drying It Up

After you have put enough paint and are done with the coloring, all you have to do is let it dry up. You can hang the mat in your balcony or on your terrace and let the sun do the rest of the work.


Doormats are very essential in our everyday life. A doormat helps you keep your house safe from the dust at your doorstep. You might not find doormats of your own liking in the market, so it’s easier for you to paint your doormat however you like.

I hope you were patient enough to be here with me to read the whole content. If you have then you should know that you truly have my respect. If you kept your calm and went through the article then I am very confident that you know how you can paint your own doormat.

John Bryan

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