How to Organize Tool Box – The ULTIMATE GUIDE

When you use a tool box for your work, you will often face problems with managing them so as I and others do. But you have to organize the tool box properly, to get more efficiency and prevent some problems.

If you know how to organize tool box and use it properly, it will be beneficial for you. Moreover, you can easily organize your tool box.

So, let’s start with me if you are curious enough. Hope you will get a complete guideline on this topic after you finish this content.

Why Should You Organize a Tool Box?

Organizing a tool box means arranging tools systematically and maintaining the box properly. It is ideal to organize a tool box on regular basis.

You will get these facilities if organize your tool box.

1. Increasing the tools life

Regular monitoring of your tool box will increase your tools life period. The Proper way of organizing of the tool box helps to ensure the safety of the tools. 

Some of the tools may be sharpened or lightweight. The right way of organizing saves those from unwanted bad effects.

2. Helps to maintain regular performance of the tools

Regular organizing a tool box with the tools helps to maintain the regular performance of the tools. 

Because when you organize a tool box, you have to sort the tools in right ways and positions. Which reduces the possibilities of being damaged or hampered.

3. Saving some money

This type of work offers you more space in the box for a huge number of tools. So, you don't need the extra tool box for the tools.

Organizing a tool box keeps the tools in more safe position to store. It reduces the hamper possibilities. For this reason, you can save money by applying the tool box organizing methods. 

4. Getting more space in the box

You can easily sort the tools by function, size, project, and population. This will provide you extra space for putting more tools in the box.

Actually, you use a tool box to put your tools in it. So, space is the main key factor of it.

5. Maintaining neat and cleanness

Neat and cleanness are necessary for any kind of work you do. If you organize a tool box regularly, you can easily maintain the cleanliness of your box and the tools also. It will also help you to concentrate on your work.

6. Easily get the right status about the box and the tools

Organizing the tool box provides the practical condition news of the box and the tools to you. For this reason, you can immediately take steps to solve the problems if there any.

It is a common occurrence that the tools get hampered regularly. If you can identify this in the first stage, no doubt it will be very beneficial for you. 

These Things You Need to Organize a Tool Box

For organizing a tool box you need some things. By using these you can easily do the task. You have to collect these things before starting your work.

Soft cloth for cleaning

It is one the simplest cleaning tools. You have to clean the tools with a soft and clean cloth. It cleans any kind of light spot and removes extra oil and dust from the tools. First, use a wet cloth to clean up. Then use a dry one to wipe the box or the tools.


When you put out the tools from the tool box, put them on a cardboard. This will maintain the tools discipline and safety.

Otherwise, you may face some problems. Such as, hard to find a tool when necessary, the tools may get hampered etc. So, using a cardboard will be good for you.


By using suitable brash, you can easily clean the dust that gathers in the body of the tools. A brash can reduce the hardness of the cleaning work.

Washing spray

You have to use this for the complex tools. There are some subtle parts of the complex tools. By using the spray you can wash those parts.


Sometimes you need to sort the equipment by their size, weight or function. Using divider can solve this case. The dividers can be various types. You can select the cloth, foam, metal, wooden, rubber or plastic divider for dividing.

Scotch tape

It is a multiple useable thing. You can attach some tools to the tool box wall to store more tools. Using tape over a tool increases the tool’s safety. Moreover, for leveling, you can use tape.

How to Organize Tool Box in Right Way?

If you follow these steps in order, hope your organizing process will become easy and enjoyable for you.

1. Put out the tools of the tool box on a cardboard

If you throw out the box’s equipment here and there, it will be problematic for you. You may not find them when you need those or find faults in them. So, it is an ideal move. Otherwise, you can use a table or cloth for this reason.

2. Clean the box thoroughly

After removing all the tools from the tool box, you can easily clean it properly. First, check the tool chest layout clearly. Second, wash it with a damp cloth and then wipe it with a dry cloth. Next, put the box in warm place.

3. Clean the tools separately

You have to clean the toolbox with tools. Because those tools can leave spots in the box.
Don’t wash all the tools together. Clean them separately and steadily. Take the tools one by one and clean them in a systemic way.

For tiny tools, you need small brash and a soft cloth and for big tools, you need a spray, air flower, and soft cloth.

4. Separate the broken or sharpen tools

It is important to separate the broken tools from the box. Then repair those or if those are not repairable then throw away. Keep extra care of the sharpen tools because they are dangerous. It is wise to put a cover on them. For this reason, rubber cover is the best choice. 

5. Select only the essentials

When you organize a toolbox, always keep in mind that put only the essential tool only. Try to separate the unnecessary tools from it. This work will provide you more space. Space is one the main factors for a tool box. So, it is necessary.

6. Sort by function, project, size, and popularity

You can sort the tools by their function, project, size, and popularity. If you do so, you can easily access the tools at the working hour. It also increases the safety, durability and helps to maintain the regular performance of the tools.

7. Level everything

Leveling is a good assignment. If you level every tool, it will be easier to find one. I suggest you put a tool-list in the tool box. It helps to identify the right box for the right work.

For more info, please check this video.

Try to follow all these points to organize a tool box to finish this task properly.

Caution You Should Takes

In your tool box, you may store some heavyweight, sharpen or tiny tools. So, it is important to take the safety of yours and keep the tools safe also.

  • Put hand gloves when you start the organizing work.
  • Take eye and head protection.
  • Beware of sharpening and broken tools to touch or carry.
  • Check your tool box’s condition once a week.

Safety is always the first priority. So, try to work in a safe way.

Bottom Line

Organizing tool box is a necessary task if you use tool box regularly for your work. It provides you a lot of benefits.

Hope, I can satisfy your curiosity about how to organize tool box. If you have a DIY tool box, you can easily become a DIY tool box organizer. It will be more beneficial for you if you can organize a tool box properly.

All the best for you!

John Bryan

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