How to organize a tool chest in the most effective way?

Suppose, you are a technician or such kind of service holder who has to manage so many tools. In those cases, you have to use so many tools for your job purposes. But it is not so easy to manage so many tools for a single person at a time. Maybe you have to go outside for your job in a very short time and you need a good amount of tools for that. In that case, managing all the tools aren’t so easy. It needs some time for searching the tools. But a tool chest can solve the problem very easily. Now, are you thinking “how to organize a tool chest?”? The following article will provide the answer properly.

What Is Tool Chest?

The tool chest is such kind of instrument or place where you can store a lot of tools. Nowadays it becomes very popular and people have started to use it very widely. It is very beneficial in homes, car garages, offices, and industries by organizing the tools. You can save a lot of time by using it.

Comparison Table (tool chest vs. toolbox)

Tool ChestTool Box
It is a big version of toolbox It is smaller than the tool chest
You can store your tools safely in it Storing tools aren’t too safe
For carrying tools it isn’t perfect It is perfect for tools carrying
This is made for heavy use You can’t use it for heavy purposes
Moving all type of tool chests aren’t easy Moving it is very easy

Types of Tool Chests Available in the Market

Today tool chest isn't only used as a box at your workshop for the waste tools. Now there are several types of tool chests in the market with specific functions to meet your demand. ‘If you know, how to organize a tool chest?’ then your work will be very easy.

1. Stationary Type Tool Chests

Stationary too chests mean that kind of tool chest which are bulky, too big and can’t move around easily. This type of tool chest doesn't have any wheels. It is generally used in the mechanic workshops, industries, and garages to accommodate different types of tools. This stationary tool chest has varying sizes compartments and drawers.

2. The Tool Chest Which Has Wheels But Stationary

This is one kind of stationary tool chests but there are little differences between them. It is bulky and too big as like as stationary tool chest but it can move a little by its wheels. So, you can move this type of tool chest but the movement isn't so easy.

3. Tool Chest Which Is Portable

The portable tool chests are able to move with the help of its wheels. You will be able to move this type from here to there very easily. It has caster wheels which are very strong and durable. Now, you can think how to organize a tool chest of this type.

It is very simple as like as handling a rolling suitcase. There are so many compartments setting on above another. The lower compartment has wheels and it can store heavy tools whether the upper compartment carries lighter tools. For more information see how to organize a rolling tool chest.

4. The Tool Chest Which Can Be Carry By Hand

If you are a homeowner and you can only do DIY jobs around the house then a hand-carry tool chest is enough for you. It is frequently called as the toolbox for its small size. You can carry it very easily because of its small size and lightweight. It is made of metal or hard plastic where you can store your hand tools, nails, bits, and screwdrivers.

5. Tool Chest Which Can Be Mounted

If you see inside a truck, pickup or van then there is a possibility to see a mounted tool chest. There is an obvious reason for calling them mounted tool chests. Generally, plumbers, carpenters, and handymen who travel to various job places are the main users of this tool.

6. Industrial Tool Chest

There are some tool chests which are made only for some specific reasons. Such as, if you have an industry and you need a special type tool chest then collect this type. You have to tell the manufacturer about your demand then he will make it for you.

Why Do You Need to Buy a Tool Chest?

To save your time

Suppose you an expert on a car then generally you have to use so many tools. As a human being, it is not possible for someone to memorize the locations of the tools. So in the time of working you have to spend huge time for searching the tools. It will consume your valuable time but a tool chest can solve the problem.

For the protection of the tools

All the tools aren’t safe everywhere and putting them in an open place can damage them. If the tools are made of metals then these can face corrosion. You may have some sensitive tools but any hit can destroy them easily. Only a tool chest can solve these problems and can give proper protection.

To increase the efficiency

Suppose you are working on a business farm and you have to handle a lot of files. If you keep them randomly on the table or storeroom then it can be difficult to find them easily. Sometimes you may need an extra worker for handling those files. But a tool chest can make the task very easy by increasing working efficiency.

For working with a cheerful mind

If you are an expert worker then you will be very busy in your working time. In that time a moment can be very precious to you. Suppose, you have a pressure of work and you don’t find a tool. This incident can make you high temper. If you use a tool chest then there is no possibility to happen this. So you will be able to work with a cheerful mind.

For doing your job in a systematic way

Many people can’t tolerate indiscipline and they always want a systematic way of working. If you are one of them then you will try to bring your working procedure in a system. For this, at first, you should buy a tool chest which will store and decorate your tools in a systematic way.

To save your money

If you don’t have a tool chest then you have to store your tools randomly and unsafely. This will waste your time and for this, you may need extra workers which need extra money. Unsafe storage can damage your tools, so it also requires extra money to repair the damaged tools. Buying a tool chest you can save this unexpected cost.

Why do You Need to Organize Your Tool Chest?

For Better Working Environment

The working environment is very important for the workers. If you don’t get a good working environment then you can’t work properly. For better working performance you should maintain discipline in your works. An organized tool chest can give you this discipline because it is made for that.

To Make the Proper Use of Your Investment on Tool Chest

Buying a tool chest or so many tools is very easy but use them properly isn’t so easy. It needs a plan and systematic procedure. If you want to make the proper use of your tool chest then you have to organize it properly. Without organizing a tool chest has no use in your profession.

To Find Your Tools Easily

You have already known that there are so many compartments and drawers in a tool chest. As you use a tool chest to handle so many tools so it is difficult to find a tool easily if the tool chest is unorganized. If you know how to organize tool chest drawers, then you will be able to find your expected tool within a second.

For Using the Tool Chest by a Number of People

Suppose, you are a technician of a garage then sometimes it isn’t possible to have a personal tool chest. You may have to share your tool chest with other technicians. In that cases, if you store the tool randomly then it will be very difficult for the others to find a tool. But organizing it properly can solve the problem. It will allow all of you the same facility.

To Protect the Tools from Unexpected Damage

All the tools aren’t same in hardness. Some are very hard and some are very sensitive. So, if you store them in the same place then it may be harmful to the sensitive tools. But in an organized tool chest you will store the tools in its category. So, there is no chance of tool damage.

For Increasing the Tool Chest’s Efficiency

If you use a tool chest in an unorganized way then there is no difference between using it or not. For increasing the efficiency you have to use it in an organized way.

Precaution's You Need to Remember Before Organizing a Tool Chest

  • At first, you have to see the raw materials of the tool chest for proper use.
  • If the tool chest is made of plastic then don’t set it in high temperature.
  • Don’t store tools of weight above the yield limit of the tool chest.
  • Don’t store the sensitive tools with the tools which are harmful to the sensitive tools.
  • For rolling tool, the chest doesn't move it at a high speed which isn’t safe for it.
  • Place the tool chest on the plane surface.
  • Don’t store broken or damaged tools.

Guidelines for Organizing Your Tool Chest

After buying a tool chest you will face a question that how to organize a tool chest? For the answer read the following section.

Select the Perfect Tool chest for fulfilling your required demand

There are so many types of tool chest available on the market. But all aren’t perfect for all the tools. You have to choose that one which is perfect for your requirement. If you fail to choose right one then your effort will be meaningless.

After Selecting Tool Chest Make a Primary Layout

The success of any work depends on its initial plan. So for the better organizing of your tool chest, you have to make a plan. Then you should make a layout of the plan. It will allow you to do all the procedures for organizing your tool chest easily.

Tool Classification for Storing Different Drawers

The main goal of using tool chest is stored various tools according to their category. So, classifying the tools is very important for organizing your tool chest perfectly. You can classify your tools according to their uses or size. It will help you to find them easily.

Level the Each Class for Quick Search

As you will use your tool chest for easy finding and quick access. So making the level of the separate type of tools will help you achieve your goal. Level all the drawers or compartments which will also save your valuable time.

Organize Your Tools According to Your Requirement

The requirement of all the tools isn't same for every work. Some tools are required frequently and some are rare. It is wise to organize them according to the requirement. It will increase the effectiveness of the whole process.

Place the Tools According to Their Weight

For avoiding accidents and injury you should store the heavyweight tools in the lower drawers. Put lighter tools in the upper drawers that are good for the tool chest and make the chest long lasting. This organizing system will make the system safer than the any other.

Keep the Power Device Tools in the Drawer of Large Space

Generally, a power device needs more space than its size because of its safety. Congested storing can make the damage. So you should set them in the lower parts of the tool chest. It will both safer for the device and the tool chest.

Organize Your Tool within Your Reach

Are you want to know how to organize a mechanics tool chest? Then I’ll say set your mechanics to a tool within the distance where you can reach easily. Any difficulty to reach your tools can ruin the whole process of tool chest using.

Make a Trial of Several Alternative Plans

If you have several plans then you should make a trial to choose the best one. You can’t say which one is better without practical use. So, by this trial, you’ll be able to find the most effective one.


You may buy the best tools of the market. But if you don’t know how to organize a mechanics tool chest then the best tools are useless. So, before buying a tool chest you should know how to organize a tool chest. Hope this article titled ‘how to organize a tool chest’ will help you to do the process accurately.

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