How to Make a Tool Belt – 7 Powerful Secrets (2021)

A tool belt is rather something that is important for a worker to work with ease as well as comfort. This effective thing helps the workers to carry his small but essential tools to keep close to his hand. Although various types of tool belts are now available in the market with different styles. But you may not find any meeting all your requirements. So, you should think of making your own tool belt. And to help with this issue, here I am with an easy manual of how to make a tool belt with your hands.

What a Tool Belt is?

A tool belt is a great implement for keeping small hand tools as well as machinery. Regarding the definition of this thing, it is a belt used for carrying various tools. A person can use this handheld device to carry different things to perform certain work. According to Wiktionary, it is a skill set with a person’s accumulated capabilities.

Types of Tool Belt You Will Find on The Market

Different tool belts with a variety of styles are now available in the market. There is no denying that every single one has a particular perspective regarding that usage. In general, you can classify the available tool belts depending upon their usage field.

1. Construction Tool Belt

The most common form of tool belt is the ones being used for construction works. Labors working at construction sites need to carry instruments and many other small tools. And this is why almost every worker in a construction site uses tool belts to implement their respective works with ease.

2. Machinery Tool Belt

Workers need to perform their work with small machines quite often. And to use them without the slightest problem, it is good to use a tool belt. To carry small machinery, there are some tool belts along with comparatively larger pockets.

3. Wood Carving Tool Belt

There are some specific kits to carve woods and timber as well. The workers working with wooden things require some of the things with them. And to carry such kits, it would be great to use this one to go to the work. No doubt, these come with moderate weight with good comfort to wear.

4. Mining Tool Belt

When it is about mining, workers require a lot of sophisticated tools to keep with them. And to make it easy, there are mining tool belts to carry various things along with numerous pockets. Although these belts weigh quite a bit and not even comfortable, they hold good enough to work.

5. Hiking Tool Belt

Whenever you go for a trip like hiking, you need some things to keep close to your hand. This is why there are some rather lightweight as well as stylish tool belts are available in the market. You will find it very useful and again, comfortable to wear.

6. Electrical Tool Belt

Electricians need to work with a lot of small and sensitive things to repair or to establish an electric connection. To keep that in mind, there are some specific tool belts to carry such things. These belts are not only lightweight but also very comforting to wear.

7. Military Tool Belt

Military personnel needs unique tool belt to keep their ammunition close to their hands in the field. Needless to say, military tool belts are entirely different from others to wear. But they are really lightweight and beneficial to use for soldiers while battling opposition.

8. Toddler Tool Belt

Toddler tool belt is more of a toy than a utility for any child. There are some belts for toddlers and they can use it to play with their favourite toys. Regarding toddlers, they are very lightweight and mostly allows small toys to keep in it. And again, these child tool belt adds much fun for the kids to play with.

Why Making a Tool Belt in Your Own Hand is Important

It happens quite often that you have to go for a tool belt all on your own. In fact, it will hold good enough to make one than to buy from the market. As a matter of fact, you should know why you need to make your own one.

Not Enough Storage

Typically available tool belts come with moderate spaces to keep your things. Along with them, you may likely to have a good space depending on your equipment. But if you need further spaces you will have to go for a handmade one.

Difficult to Put on

Some specific tool belts are quite a bit difficult to carry along with your belongings. Even it can cause you some rather physical problems with continuous usage. In that case, you will find a one making more suitable than buying a ready-made one.

Too Heavy in Weight

Regarding the weight, you must choose a suitable one. Regular tool belts often come with a heavier weight which may cause some problems while working. Then you need to make one by yourself.

Not Comforting to Carry

The most important thing with a put on tool belt is the comfortable carriage. Most people find it a bit uncomforting to use ready-made ones. This is why you should make a suitable one with your hand to enjoy the utmost comfort.

Poor Quality Fabric

Poor quality is indeed a problem with any sort of product. Fabric without quality will not last long for sure and may cause something unexpected while working. So to avoid that, you need to make a suitable one with your hand that will last much longer.

For Whom You Can Make a Tool Belt

There are some types of tool belts to go for the work and obviously, you will need to know who will use them. Different people require different kinds of belts, and again, it may change depending upon their imperative necessity.

Day Labors

Day labours often need a tool belt to carry their necessary equipment with themselves. As they move here and there for getting themselves a work, it is essential for them to keep certain things close. And for that, a suitable, as well as study tool belt, is necessary for them to carry.

Worker at Construction Site

Construction site requires a lot of workers. Those workers perform their similar job at different places. To keep things close, they expect a tool belt to carry lightweight but essential elements. No doubt, you will find most of the workers with a tool belt on these days as they need it to work with ease.


You know that electricians mostly do their work above the ground like ceiling or poles. And it is essential for them to keep certain things with them as they will face difficulty to work without them. It is necessary for them to use a tool belt to carry that small but important equipment.


The mechanic does need a lot of things to perform a work. And almost every one of them requires some specific tools to carry all the time. This is why every mechanic needs a suitable tool belt to put on. With a perfect one, he can do things within time as well as with comfort.


In battle or similar situation, soldiers require additional ammunition to reload their weapon. And regarding military perspective, it is essential for a soldier to carry. Of course, it is necessary that the tool belt is not only lightweight but also comes with enough pockets to bring things.

Regular People

People who are frequent travellers or those who are about to go for a hiking need to carry tool belt with them. Many people require water bottle and some other communication devices often while travelling or hiking. For them, tool belt is a beneficial thing to keep those close without any difficulty.


Kids do love some of their toys way too much and frequently want to play with them. It would please them for sure to have a tool belt to put on along with their favourite toys. For playing outside or going on a trip to spend a vacation, your kid can use this one to carry certain toys to play with.

Guidelines for Making Tool Belt in Your Hand

Regarding how to make a tool belt on your own, you need to follow some certain steps. Some may think of this process of how to make a tool belt for child a bit difficult. But here I give a simple but effective manual to prepare one.

Step 1: Choosing a Suitable Belt

The very first thing you need to get is a suitable belt to work with it. Obviously, you should choose a strong as well as durable one that will last long. In general, jeans or leather belt will hold good with this case. Also, the strength of the diy tool belt is also necessary as it is subjected to carry some additional loads.

Step 2: Selection of Pocket Fabric

As you will use the pockets to keep your belongings, you need some good fabric for making the pocket. Also, you should make the pocket size as per your tools as it will save the money as well as reduce the weight. For a lot of pockets, you need to make sure they can hold the belongings. And for that, you must make the pockets of good quality fabric.

Step 3: Picking Up a Strong Suspender

This stage of how to make a tool belt is kind of optional. Regarding suspender, you must find something elegant that can encourage a comfortable wearing. The suspender you choose must have enough strength to carry all the equipment at once. And also, you need to select a suitable size of the suspender as it concerns with the ease of the carrying tool belt.

Step 4: Preparing the Possible Formation

When it is about making your work a bit easier and comfortable along with the tools, you need a proper formation of the pockets. And to make the best possible structure of pockets, you need to arrange them as per the necessity of the corresponding tools. With the best formation, you will get the most suitable tool belt to work with.

Step 5: Gathering Required Materials

Concerning how to make a tool belt to carry your gadgets, you need to put all the raw things together. And with the completion of those, you need required machines to tie them together. To make a perfect combination, you should think of getting and preparing those machines required as early as possible.

Step 6: Sewing according to Formation

The next step concerning how to make a new daddy tool belt is putting together all the things as per your designed formation. You can easily make this step through sewing the pockets and the suspender with the belt. Of course, you need to make a strong sewing to make a sturdy combination.

Step 7: Checking if There are Any Defects

It would be better if you check the tool belt with the tools on the pockets. If there is any possible problems of difficulty or wear and tear occur, then you can take care of those before it causes any trouble. Furthermore, if you find the tool belt sewing pattern defective, you can even change the formation as well.

There you go with your brand new tool belt to keep things. I do believe that this guideline of how to make a tool belt is not difficult to understand at all.


Although you may find this guideline a bit uneasy on how to make a tool belt. You may consult someone around yourself who knows to make one with perfection. But with the guidance mentioned above, you will be able to make one without any major difficulty. And with that, you can enjoy your work a lot better with your necessary equipment on.

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