How to make a homemade doorbell

Have you ever wonder to make a doorbell all by yourself? Or, do you need a doorbell for your room? You can create a good impression among everyone if you place a doorbell behind your room. It’s best for you to make one for yourself rather than buy one. Because if you buy a new doorbell just for your room, not for the main door, then you'll need an additional wiring that connects to the main electric supply.

You can also make it as your science project and gather applause.

Recently, I’ve done a science project on a doorbell. It was not good enough to get the 1st prize but somehow it managed to get the 3rd prize. And now I placed it outside of my room. It isn’t very easy but it’s possible to make a doorbell at home.

Here I’ve demonstrated step by step about making a doorbell

Before making a doorbell you’ll need to collect some tools for it. I’ve given a list below and usage of each element so that it will be easier for you to understand

Things you’ll need:-

1. A square wooden plank

This will be the base of your doorbell.

2. 3-9V DC Motor

On which the bell will run. The power from the battery circulates to motor through wires and make the whole system run.

3. Two Steel Bells

These two bells are the main tool for this project. These will generate sound.

4. 9v Battery with Connector

The doorbell that we have on our front door runs on electricity. We cannot provide such electricity on our DIY doorbell. Therefore, we are going to need a 9V for this.

5. Long end screw

This will work as your plunger. By moving back and forth, it will hit the bells and make sound.

6. Wooden Popsicle

This will hold the long-ended screw.

7. Wire Connector

This is a tiny square piece. It connects the whole circuit. It has four sides. Each side is for four individual wires.

8. Toothpick

This will hold the Popsicle on the board.

9. Bell Switch

The trigger button that allows the whole system electrocuted when pressed.

10. Glue gun and Power driver

Making doorbell:

Step 1:

Glue the DC motor to the bottom of the wooden plank leaving one-inch space behind. Use glue gun to glue it.

Step 2:

Make a small hole on the plank, vertically following the same line where the motor is situated.

Step 3:

  • 1
    Make a small hole in the edge of Popsicle.
  • 2
    After an inch space, make a bigger hole. Use power driver for this.
  • 3
    On the contrast side of the Popsicle, glue a long-ended screw.

Step 4:

  • 1
    Cut three small rubber ring from a wire strand
  • 2
    Take a toothpick and insert a rubber ring in it.
  • 3
    Insert a toothpick in the smaller hole of the popsicles.
  • 4
    Again, insert another rubber ring in it to secure the Popsicle to the toothpick.
  • 5
    After that implant the toothpick in the hole on the plank you’ve made.
  • 6
    Make sure that the other hole of the Popsicle goes over the motor’s metal rod
  • 7
    Again, place a rubber ring in the metal rod. To secure it with the Popsicles

This will be your plunger.

Step 5:

Now let’s set up the bells on the board.

  • 1
    The two bells that you have is more like two small bowls. Insert a long-ended screw from the centre of a bell and from the other side secure it with a bolt. Make sure that the curvy surface is placed upwards.
  • 2
    Make holes on both sides of the long-ended screw. And mount in the bells in it. Make sure they are as close as possible to the plunger without touching it

Step 6:

Go to the bottom again and glue in the wire connector at the right of the motor and the battery on the left of it.

Step 7:

Take one wire from the motor and one wire from the connector. Merge and seal them together. You can use wire screw to seal them. Otherwise, red-tape will do fine as well.

Step 8:

Insert both remaining wires from the connector and from the motor in the wire connector. Tight the screws up.

Step 9:

Take a bell button. You’ll see two wires are coming from it. Implant both of them on the other side of the wire connector. Tighten the screws.

Step 10:

Complete the whole circuit by attaching the connector to the tip of the battery and now, when you push the bell button, the bell will generate sounds.

Making a cover for your bell

And now you are going to need a cover for your bell. Because it will look ugly if you leave it open.

  • Take a cardboard one inch bigger from both sides than the bell board. This will be the frame of the cover.
  • Make lots of hole in it so that you can hear the ringing sound.
  • Cut four cardboard at the same length of the frame but has a weight of one inch.
  • Stick all the parts to form a box. You can paint it if you want.

There you have a cover for your doorbell. Mount the doorbell against the wall by drilling the screws in. After that, place the cover on the top. You can secure it by drilling the top side with the base.

Safety Tips

  • For kids, adult supervision is a must
  • As you are using power driver for this project use it carefully.
  • Handle the glue gun carefully; do not put loads of glue. They are usually hot. You might hurt yourself.
John Bryan

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