How To Make A Doormat

In the current world of advancement, every one’s learning to do all of their own work themselves. Be it household, crafting, creating and so on. If you here like to build, make, craft your own accessories then learning how to make a doormat can a really good achievement of yours.

Doormats are dust absorbers, water, liquid absorbers which help keep your doorstep clean. But even though they are not big and are very useful, they’re sold at a high price. So knowing how to make a doormat is really beneficial to you. If you go through my article right here you’ll get to know how to make doormats, what are doormats made of, how to make rope doormats.

Why You Need To Learn The Procedure Of Making A doormat?

Doormats are an essential part of our everyday life. Learning how to make doormats can help you in a lot of ways. Let me break it down to you.

1. Skill Development

Knowing how to make a doormat is big skill to put in your achievement bag. Being able to create your own doormat is a huge thing to master.

2. Pass-time

Making doormats can be a really good pastime for you. Imagine doing something out of getting bored and then actually having it in good uses.

3. Earning Money

Once you master the process of making doormats and you are good enough then you can easily start selling you doormats and by doing so you can earn some easy money.

4. Saving Money

You can save yourself from spending money on buying doormats if you know how to make a doormat yourself.

5. Freedom Of choice

When you learn how to make a doormat yourself, you can simply create doormats of your own liking.

What Materials You Need To Have While Making A Doormat?

Though making doormats is pretty easy, you need some materials when you make one. I’ll break it down to you below

1. Jig And Pipe

The jig and pipes are the primary tools which will create a machine type of structure by using which you can make your own doormat. The jig and the pipes are mostly made of wood.

2. Rope Or Clothes

The primary element of your doormat would be ropes or piece of clothes. These things are easily found and cheap to afford

3. Fire

You need fire to attach the ropes together. You can also use glue in this field.

4. Scissors And Blades

You’ll need scissors and blades to cut the ropes/clothes in your suitable shape.

How Can You Make A doormat?

Making doormats is very easy. You need to follow some simple steps if you want to make a doormat of yourself. Let’s see detailed steps about it.

1. Gather Clothing

Firstly you have to gather the amount and type of clothes you want to use for your doormat. Most people use unused and old clothes to do this. You can cut the clothes and select a size of your own liking. Select 12-18 stripes of clothes and you are good to go.

2. Attaching The Strips

Take out at least three strips and attach them together. Take the ends and insert them into a window. After you have inserted the strips, braid and tightly tie them like hair is braided. Following this way attach all the 12 strips together.

3. Trimming

After you have braided them all its time to cut off the unnecessary ends with a scissor or blade. While trimming be careful to hold the braid tightly so that it doesn’t fall off.

4. Rolling It Up

After you have cut the unnecessary ends its time to roll the braided strips to give it a shape of your liking. The rolled shape can be a circle or a rectangle or whatever you like.

5. Finishing It Up

After you’re done with making the coil or creating your own shape it’s time to finish things up. Stitch it up after you’ve given your mat a proper shape. Use large needle and thread to stitch the whole mat up. Take as much time as you want.

What Is Coir Doormat?

Coir is generally coconut fiber. This kind of fiber is used to make various products like mats, door mats, Brush and many others. A coir doormat is made of coconut fiber which works very good at absorbing dust and water. I hope you got the answer to your question “what is coir doormat?”

Procedure Of Making A Coir Doormat

Just like every other doormat, coir doormats are easy to make. You can easily find coir fiber in the market using which you can make yours at home. Follow these steps to learn the way!

1. Making The Jig And Setting Up The Pipes

By using a wooded thick board, create a jig. Make holes as leveled as you can. Attach the pipes into the jig in parallel. The jig and the pipes will work as a frame for you coir doormat.

2. Setting Up The Coir Threads

After you have set up the jig and the pipes it’s time to prepare the coir threads. The threads are found ready in the market or you can also buy regular coir and create them for yourself.

3. Attaching The Threads

Attach the threads into the jig like you’re braiding hair. Keep in mind to attach them together very tightly so that there isn’t any space in between the threads. While attaching them together keep in mind to not tear them apart.

4. Joining The Threads

You will find ends of several threads which will need to be attached together. You can use glue or a small candle fire to join up two ends of two threads. Make large threads by joining one thread with the other.

5. Removing The Mat From The Jig

After you are done braiding and creating the perfect structure it’s time to detach the mat from the wooden jig. The jig might be hard to remove from the mat because they are so tightly attached.

Why You Need A Rope Doormat?

­There are different types of doormats available in the market. Rope doormats are found amongst these types. There are many reasons why you would want to buy a rope doormat. Let me tell you why.

1. Durability

Rope doormats are very durable and can be used for a long time without them getting damaged. If you’re looking for a doormat you can use for a long time then a rope doormat is what you need.

2. Efficiency

Rope doormats work very well in case of absorbing dust and water. If you’re looking for a doormat that wont slip away, will take in all the dust, will absorb unnecessary water then a rope doormat is what you want.

3. Price

Rope doormats are comparatively cheaper and can save you a lot of money if you buy them instead of the other ones. Most rope doormats give you a really good service considering the price you buy them in.

4. Ease Of Use

It’s easy to clean a doormat and its definitely very easy to use one. Rope doormats don’t slip away so it’s a good mat for your doorstep. You don’t have to constantly worry about slipping off and hurting the back of your head.

5. Easy To Make

It’s very easy to make a rope doormat. As I have told you how to make regular cloth made doormats, rope doormats are even easier to make as they are already structured as threads. You can recycle your old ropes to make mats out of them.

Guidelines For Making A Rope Doormat:

Making rope doormats is very easy. If you read my step by step elaboration then you can easily learn to make a rope doormat for yourself. Sit back and read my guide and I’m sure you’ll learn how to make a doormat, a rope doormat I mean.

1. Jig And Pipes

I have already told you how to prepare a jig and fit the pipes into it. This jig and pipe method is very crucial to create your doormat. There are very few ways as effective as using the jig and pipes. Set up the jig and pipes correctly.

2. Preparing The Ropes

Now that you have a ready jig and pipes, it’s time to gather all the rope you want and you can so that you have enough to make your doormat. You’ll need to have long threads to fit them in the jig pipes

3. Attaching The Ropes

While you’ll be mounting the ropes into the jig and pipes you’ll see that the ropes are short. So in order to have an endless flow of ropes you’ll need to fuse/attach ropes together to have a larger rope. You can use a small candle to do this.

4. Cutting Off Unnecessary Edges

After you have attached the ropes to your jig it’s time to cut off the parts that you do not need. Use a scissor or a sharp blade to cut off the parts that you do not need.

5. Taking Out The Mat

After you’ve followed all of the steps above, it’s time to take out your mat. Be careful to not damage the shape while you’re doing it.


It has been a pleasure to be discussing about crafting rope doormats with you. The process of making doormats at home with absolutely no extra materials is truly a nice thing to learn. Once you learn the process after that it’s very easy every time you do it.

I hope I could help you learn how to make a doormat. If you have any difficulties understanding the steps then just simply start again from an earlier step which you understand. I am very confident that you will not have any more confusion if you do that. Take your time, happy learning!

John Bryan

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