How to Install Doorbell Camera – New Strategy and Case Study

Do you want to upgrade your doorbell with a camera?  Do you want to save money and do it all by yourself? Are you facing trouble while installing a doorbell camera? Well, here you will find answers to all of your questions.

Recently I have updated my doorbell with a camera. Being a DIY enthusiastic, I did it by myself. Before that, I concerned a technician to learn whole procedure regarding the safety as well.

You don’t have to spend money on a technician to install your doorbell camera. Rather you can install it all by yourself. Therefore, I strongly suggest you go through this article because here I have shared my experience in installing a doorbell camera.

But before let’s have a discussion about doorbell cameras for those who are new.

Doorbell Camera:

Usually, doorbell cameras are able to see outside the house through video system, able to hear sounds and talk through a microphone and able to sense any kind of motion that is happening outside.

There are wireless cameras compatible with two types of doorbell below:

  • 1
    Wired Doorbell
  • 2
    Wireless Doorbell

For wireless doorbell, the camera comes with a chargeable battery. For Wired doorbell, camera doesn't contain any battery.

Considering a wireless doorbell, you don’t have to do much work regarding installation procedure. But for a wired doorbell, you need to do a bit more work.

How to Choose a Doorbell camera

When you will buy a doorbell you need to look after few things :-

1. Video quality

Check if you can see the images clear and flawless with the camera.

2. Audio quality

The sound quality of your camera should be clear and free from disturbance.

3. Night vision

Make sure that your doorbell camera can view things at night. Because it’s the right time to intrude your house.

4. Compatible with chime

Make sure that its compatible with the chime. Because if it doesn't then you'll get notified only in your phone.

5. Easily gets internet connection

If you have strong internet connection but you doorbell camera doesn't catch it then the problem is in the device.

6. Compatible with your device

Make sure that you can operate the doorbell camera with your phone and it’s compatible with every device.

7. Motion and sensor detector

Make sure that the sensor or the doorbell camera is working well and it can detect any motion in front of your house at ease.

8. Versatile

You don’t want your doorbell camera to be old and bulky. It will not go with your beloved house. Versatility is no big deal. There are lots of designs of doorbell camera out there just for you.

Before you install:

Before you start your installation procedure you need to look at what kind of chime you have.

1. Tube Chime

Your doorbell camera will not work on your tube chime. Except that, if you want to have a doorbell camera you need to change your chime system. If you do so, I suggest you replace it with a Mechanical Chime.

2. Mechanical Chime

If you have a mechanical chime system you are lucky because you don’t need any spare hardware for installation.

3. Digital Chime

Digital Chime system will cause you an additional digital doorbell adapter or a diode.

4. No Chime

If you don’t have any Chime system you will only receive alert an notification on your phone.

Your doorbell camera will run over internet. So make sure that have you have a strong internet signal outside the door. Also, make sure that all the circuit connection works well.

Tools you’ll need:

  • 1
    Screws and Bits
  • 2
    Drill Machine
  • 3

Now let’s move to the installation procedure. And start with the bulky one.

A. Installation for Wired Doorbell

Step 1:

Turn off the main power switch and unscrew your existing doorbell with a screwdriver. Disconnect both wires from the doorbell panel with the help of plus.

Step 2:

Place the mounting bracket you’ll notice a square hole in it. Bring the wires out from the hole. You will also find a calibration indicator in the package. Attach it to the mounting bracket and calibrate it correctly.

Step 3:

Once you have well calibrated it, mark the points with a pencil where you will spin in the screws. Drive in the screws points with the help of drill machine. And place the screws with the screwdriver.

Step 4:

You’ll find two screws in middle some part of the mounting bracket.  Connect the wires from the wall with the screws.  You don’t need to maintain certainty on which wire goes with which screw. You are free to choose. 

Step 5:

You’ll find a little diode with the package. If you have Digital chime system, you need to connect those two screws with the diode. Check if it rings. If it doesn’t rotate the diodes rear-ends. If you have Mechanical Chime system you don’t need to add any diode.

Step 6:

Place the front cover of the doorbell camera and you are ready to go.

B. Installation for Wireless Doorbell

Step 1: 

Install the related app of your doorbell camera on your phone and connect it to your doorbell camera. For this, you need internet connection.

Step 2:

Before mounting your camera fully charge your battery.  Usually, you’ll need to charge the battery after every six months.

Step 3:

Place the calibration indicator into the device. Mount it on the wall and mark the screw points.

Step 4:

Once you have done marking make holes with a drill machine. Then screw it in with the screwdriver. Or you can direct screw it in with a drill machine. 

Step 5:

Place the front cover of the device and you are ready to go.

Safety Tips

  • Always turn off the main switch while working.
  • Carefully disconnect the wires.
  • Check if there any current running with a voltage meter
  • Carefully run the drill machine. Don’t end up screwing your hands rather than the mounting bracket.

Final Verdict

Installation of a doorbell camera may sound bulky or troublesome but actually, it's similar to typical DIY projects. It’s pretty simple for wired doorbell with a mechanical chime. For the digital chime, you need to add an additional diode only. And for a wireless doorbell, it's easier. You just have to drill it in.

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