How to install a doorbell

Do you know how much Money a technician will take from you for replacing or installing a doorbell?

Maybe it can be little for you but it can be a saving for you also. So the installation process of a doorbell is not so much hard that you can’t do alone. But to run the process you must have to know how to install a doorbell.

So, I have talked with an experienced technician about how to install a doorbell considering the safety issue and flawlessly.Then I think about a simple algorithm and make an article so that you can read and follow the instructions easily.

I have sectioned the installation into two section. One is for the wired doorbell and one is for the wireless doorbell.

Let’s know about the process in a detail.

Installation of a wired doorbell:​​​​​

A wired doorbell is mainly optimized by the electricity of your house. In this doorbell system has wire connection system. The doorbell runs through a transformer and the button of the doorbell is connected to the chime by wires.

You can find the wired doorbell system almost in every old house because it has an old tradition. You can also found in newer houses.

If you ask how to install a wired doorbell and how much difficulty it has, then I should say that by comparing with the wireless doorbell system this process is more difficult than that. On the other hand, you can find a doorbell installer means a technician who has experience. 

Now the topic comes about the cost. Wired doorbell installation cost may differ on the basis of various types of design or guarantee or warranty. The cost will rise if you hire a technician for replacing or installing a new doorbell.

I have made some point which will help you to do the process by following an algorithm.

Before starting the detailed discussion, you need to know what can be the wired doorbell installation kit. At first, try to go through the list.

  • 1
    Voltage meter
  • 2
    Wire nuts
  • 3
    Power drill
  • 4
    Drill bits
  • 5
  • 6
    Small level
  • 7
    Wire Strippers
  • 8

Let’s see the how to install a wired doorbell along with the replacement.

1. Cut the power:

Most of the injury cases related with replacing or newly installing a wired doorbell show that the injury happens for getting shocked from the main source of the electricity.

So, when you will start doing the installation make it sure that you have turned off the power source from the breaker or fuse box. This will block the electricity flow and let you finish the process without any interference.

You can use a circuit tester or test light switches to make it sure that the electricity has really been blocked.

2. Transfer the old switch:

To get the wires from where the electricity passes, remove the screws from the old button switches. Then you have to pull off the wires from the buttons by loosening the screws.

You can tap the wires so that the wires don’t go away to the hole of the wall.

3. Install the new switch:

At first, open the tap that you have used temporarily for fastening the wires. Then follow the instructions and connect the wires to the exact screw terminals and tighten the screw so that the wires can’t get loose. Then push the wires into the wall and set the switch perfectly instead of the place of the old doorbell. Then fix the whole manufacture of the switch with some screws.

4. Remove the old chimes:

Installation of the new chimes to the place where old ones belonged is a simple work. You have to first remove the old chimes by taking out the screws. After pulling the old chimes from the wall you have to secure the wires by using tape. Get the all wires free from the old chimes at a time and tape them attaching to the wall.

5. Install the new chimes:

Uncover the new chimes and then the wires that you have taped run them through the correct terminals of the chimes. Now, tighten the screws to hold the wires.

Now choose a place where you want to place the chimes plate into your house. You have to place the chimes plate against to the wall of your house. So, after choosing the place set the base of the chimes against the wall by using the mounting screws. Once you have done, then fix the cover and push to check the stability of the new chimes.

You can level wires with different tapes or by writing on masking tape to separate them for future reference.

6. Link the wires to the transformer:

You can find a box in your house named electrical box where the transformer is imposed. The transformer has been placed there to ensure the safety by keeping the high-voltage wires enclosed.

But if it is not in your house then you will have to connect the wires from both switch and chimes to the transformer. You have to wrap the end terminal of the wires to the transformer. This little device will convert the high voltage AC power coming from the doorbell switches to a lower voltage for the chimes.

7. Test the doorbell:

Restore the power from the fuse box and test the doorbell by pressing the switch. You have to check mainly the chimes that it works perfectly or not. If it works perfectly, then you have finished your work and you have set a newly wired doorbell.

But if unfortunately, the chimes don’t work, again turn off the power and check the wires connected.

In this way, you can install a wired doorbell perfectly into your house.

Installation of a wireless doorbell:

The wireless doorbell is nothing but a mechanism which runs without wire. So the main function running can happen by Wi-Fi.

The wireless doorbell has no connection with the electricity so you have to run the doorbell by some batteries. Most of the cases deal with batteries. So it is a chance to save the electricity as well as to get the relief from the problem of the electricity which can make obstacle when the electricity will be gone or cut off for some problems.

The installation process is also not much tough like the wired installation process. So it will be more convenient than wired doorbell installation process if we consider the doorbell installation cost or other matters.

So, It has become so much popular to the common people for its easy installation and various design.

Wireless doorbell installation kit is not much different from the wired doorbell. You have to use almost all kind of kits that I have introduced you to the installation process of the wired doorbell.

Let’s see the process of installation of the wireless doorbell that I have organized in a simple way.

1. Choose a wireless doorbell:

You have to choose a wireless doorbell consciously. Because you have to consider not only the design or not only the outlook but also some other things. As the whole things are done by the Wi-Fi process, you have to consider the range. You have to choose the range according to the area of your house so that the wireless doorbell that you are going to install that can cover.

There are other matters like blocking the other frequencies. It may happen that you have to run unnecessarily to your main gate for the person who has come to your neighbor’s house if you don’t block the other frequencies. This can happen as the wireless doorbell isn’t now an uncommon device. Your neighbor can use also.

Another thing you have to keep in your mind that the model has to be waterproof so that rain or snow can’t do any harm to your doorbell.

So, you have to choose the right model for your house.

2. Find an easy location for setting:

You have chosen a place to set the switch of the doorbell. It is necessary to choose a place where people can spot easily. People who will come to your house will stand in front of your main gate. Regarding that incident, you can choose a place to the eye level.

3. Set the switch:

After choosing the location you have to attach the switch to that place according to the given instructions.

Almost all kind of wireless doorbell has been manufactured with a hole so that you can set the doorbell easily. You have to use a drill bit to make a hole to the wall according to the given in the switch. Then you have to use a drill machine to make a hole to the surface for the setting. Then use a leveler and attach the switch to the surface of the wall.

Another process of setting the doorbell is using glue. You have to use glue to the surface as well as the back of the switch. Then firmly set the switch to the surface. If you want to follow this method, you have to clean first the back of the switch as well as the place of the wall where you will set the doorbell.

4. Insert the battery:

Almost all kind of wireless doorbell prefer batteries like AA or AAA. You have to put two or three batteries into the back of the chimes. Then close the back panel consciously. Most of the cases you have to use some screws which will be given with the chime.

5. Sync the transmitter:

After turning the power on you have to sync the transmitter so that the receiving process can go on.  For this process you have to push the button on the wireless doorbell which is receiver then you have to push the button on the chime control. Then you have to push the button on the transmitter.

This syncing process may differ with a different kind of model with different buttons. So, it will better to read the log book to make the process more clear.

6. Choose a sound:

Most of the chimes have a different kind of sound like our mobile phone ringtones. But it can be 40 in one kind of wireless doorbell when the other kind of doorbell may have only 5. So you have to toggle so that you can choose the best sound for you as well as your other family members.

7. Find a place and place the receiver:

You have to find a place to your house from where everyone will be able to hear the sound. So locate that place in your house and then set the receiver.

As I have mentioned before about choosing those type of wireless doorbell which has the frequency blocking option, you have to block the other frequency rather than yours.

8. Test the doorbell:

After finishing all the process, you have to test that the setup has been completed or not. Press the doorbell switch and check if the sound properly spread around or not. If this doesn’t happen, then maybe you have to check the battery or check the distance from the transmitter to the receiver.

These are the process of installing the wireless doorbell.


So individually how to install a doorbell whether it is a wireless doorbell and a wired doorbell has been introduced to you. It’s your choice what you want to install into your house.

There is some basic consideration which I think you should follow when you want to follow when you will install a doorbell. That can be both wireless and wired doorbell. The most important is the safety issue. Most of the people forget to close the power and thus conclude by getting shocked. The electric shock can be very dangerous.

So if you think that it is dangerous and you are not feeling to do the installation process then it will be better to make this process done by a technician or an electrician. This may cost a little bit more. But to ensure the safety you should not think about the money.

But if you are confident about the process and you think you can handle properly, then it will be enough to follow the article that I have already introduced to you.

So follow the methods and enjoy the melody!!!!

For more info please check this Video.

John Bryan

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