How to Fix a Doorbell

Nowadays doorbell is a part and parcel of our daily life. It will be difficult for you to maintain the visitors entering if your doorbell doesn’t work properly or stop its functionality. So, if the doorbell gets any problem, you have to fix the problem instantly.

Do you know how to fix a doorbell? If you know something about this or totally nothing, you can read this writing to find the complete guideline.

Most of the doorbells in the market are electronic devices. So, for any kind of mistake can easily make errors in the doorbell device. It is a common situation that you have to fix the doorbell for some kind of problems.

If you know how to fix doorbell problems properly, you can save your valuable money and time. Otherwise, you have to spend money to solve the problems.

Hope you will find a complete picture of it. So, let's start.

Why You Need to Fix Your Doorbell by Yourself

As an electronic device, a doorbell can get some errors for any kind of mistake. If your doorbell gets any kind of error, you don't need to throw it away. Because most of the problems with the doorbell are fixable and can be fixed easily. If you can fix these own, it will be great for you. For these reasons, you need to fix your doorbell. 

1. You can save valuable money on regular basis

If you don’t know how to fix a doorbell, you have to pay money to fix your doorbell on regular basis. Because a doorbell may face some small functional or other problems often. Personally, I think, for some small problems it is totally waste of money. When can you solve the small problems on your own, why you will not try?

2. You don’t need to buy a new doorbell& the doorbell will exist long

If you have a headache, you don't have to cut off your head. You have to take proper treatment to overcome it. Fixing your existing doorbell is something like this. A new doorbell can cost a lot but by fixing existing doorbell you can enhance its lifetime.  Also, it will give the required performance.

3. You can save valuable time

If you want to change your doorbell instead of repairing it, you have to choose a new doorbell, go to the market to buy it. For choosing a newly suitable doorbell and going to market, you need to spend a lot of time. But if you can fix your doorbell, it will save your time. Because for most of the cases you can solve the errors of the doorbell at your house.

Moreover, you will gather a new experience and it will help you to maintain your doorbell on regular basis.

What the Tools You Need to Fix a Doorbell?

You need these tools for this DIY work. Otherwise, you may not get proper success. So, gather these before starting fixing work.

  • 1
    Screwdrivers (commonly 4 in 1 set)
  • 2
    Electrical tape
  • 3
  • 4
    Voltage tester
  • 5
    Wire cutter
  • 6
    Wire connectors
  • 7
    Extra wire
  • 8
  • 9
    Soldering iron

Most the tools are common in our daily life works. You may find most of them in your house. Moreover, they are cheap. So, gathering these tools will not be a problem for you.

What are the Main Fixing Issues & How to Fix These?

A doorbell has many parts and they are different for their structures and functionalities. Those parts face various kind of mechanical errors and problems. Moreover, the fixing processes are quite different. So, it is ideal to separate them. That’s will be great for your fixing works. Here you go.

1. Turn off the power source and Test the doorbell

safety if there is no functional problem. It is ideal to switch off the power button and then remove the power wires from the doorbell. That’s how to turn off power to doorbell. To fixing any electrical device, it is necessary to turn off the power for

Next, you have to test the doorbell externally and internally. External side can be tested by your eye and hand. For tasting the internal part, it is necessary to open the doorbell screws and then open the main box. Analyze every connection carefully and point out the problems if there any exists. 

2. Push-button

It is the main input taking part of the doorbell. If it doesn't work properly, the main objective will not become successful. All the efforts will become fail. So,it is important to know how to fix a doorbell button.

To fix any problem of the push-button, you have to open the button box first. Next, analyze the connections and parts of the button and try to solve the problem if the problem is simple. Such as, when the spring is broken, you can manage it easily.

If the problem is too critical to solving it, take the button to the mechanic's workshop to fix it. Sometimes the problem of the push-button become unfixable. Then you have to install a new push-button to maintain the regular performance of the doorbell.

3. Wire

The wire is the connector of the doorbell's parts. It can be damaged for many reasons. Such as over-voltage. So, when you are going to fix the doorbell, you have to inspect the wiring.

The broken or damaged wire need to rejoin or change. To do that, cut the damaged wire part out and add a new wire there. For this, you need wire-cutter and electrical tape.

If you keep the damaged wire, it will create serious problem for the doorbell. The doorbell’s circuit may not complete properly or it may create short-circuit in the device which is very dangerous.

4. Chime

It is the heart of the doorbell. The chime makes the sound or alert that you want from a doorbell. You will not hear any sound without it. There are many varieties in the chime by their structures and works. It consists of an electromagnet and metal piston bar.

To fix the chime's problem, you have to open the chime box carefully. Because it is a critical part of a doorbell. When you are opening the chime box if you make any mistake, it may ruin the chime system.

The main problems for the chime are, the connections may become loose, and the solenoidal coil, metal bar may be dislocated. After fixing these problems, clean the whole chime set and assemble the box to finish the process.

5. Transformer

The doorbell transformer is an essential part of a doorbell. The doorbell's functionality will be stopped if the transformer gets any kind of problem. So, fixing the doorbell transformer is necessary.

First, you need a multi-meter to test the transformer without power. Connect the multi-meter pointers to the connecting points of the transformer. If there is any loose or broken connection, the multi-meter display will not showthe reading. Then you can fix it easily.

If the problem is critical, you may take it to the mechanical shop or install a new transformer. The installation process of a doorbell transformer is simple. First, remove the old transformer and connect the wires to the right positions of the new transformer and then check it.

6. Wireless doorbell’s other equipment

For the wireless doorbell, you will find some other equipment. If you want to know how to fix a wireless doorbell, you have to know about these parts and their fixing process.

A. Transmitter& Receiver

The transmitter is built up with two types of RF crystal oscillator. This circuit collects the signals and processes it. After process is finished, it sends the signal to the receiver circuit.

The receiver circuit receives the signal from the transmitter. It checks the high and low voltages. It controls the bell's off and on situations. These are the complex and essential parts of the wireless doorbell. It is ideal to fix these parts problems by taking the expert electrical mechanic.

B. Antenna

By using an antenna, wireless doorbell passes its signal. It builds a connection between the transmitter and the receiver. You have to check the connection of the antenna and find the problem if there any happens.

C. Battery

The wireless doorbell runs by battery. So, the battery’s charge may be finished without giving any notification. For this reason, it is ideal to check the battery condition regularly.

D. Sensors and Camera

Ultra-modern wireless doorbell uses some sensor for its work. Those sensors make the device more user-friendly and useful. Some of the doorbells may have camera. When these tools get problem, take these parts to the mechanic shop to fix or take some expert opinions.


As the doorbell is an electronic device, you have to take some safety steps for your safety when you are going to fix its problems. Otherwise, you may get serious injury. Here I have written down some safety steps for your betterment.

  • Turn off the main power source and disconnect the power line.
  • Take eye protection before starting the fixing work.
  • Put nonconductive hand gloves.
  • When you open the screws, put them in a safe place.
  • Connect the wires in the right places and ways. Check the connections twice before open the power source line.
  • Don’t make hurry when you are fixing the tools. This can bring serious trouble for you.


It is a common situation that the doorbell may not work properly. As an electronic device, the doorbell needs to be fixed for many causes.The fixing issues may be simple or complex. You can solve the simple issues on your own by knowing how to fix those. For the complex issues, you have to take the device to the mechanic shop or take some expert advice to solve the problem.

How do you fix a doorbell is important to maintain the performance of the doorbell. So, fix the doorbell with care. If the doorbell doesn’t work properly, you will suffer a lot. Hope you have the proper guideline to fix the problems. All the best for your fixing work.

John Bryan

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