How To Fix A Doorbell Chime

Doorbell isn’t working? Did you check the transformer and the doorbell button? Are they working fine? If your answer is yes then the problem is in the chime system. Don’t worry, I’ll help you fix it right away!

Before that let’s have some basic idea about kind of doorbell chime.

Kinds of Doorbell Chime:

There are three types of doorbell chime.

A. Mechanical

A wired system. Usually plays ding-dong sound.

B. Digital

It has both wired and wireless system. Means including electricity, It can run on batteries too. It generates melody sounds instead of ding-dong sound.

C. Analogue

A wired system comes with metal tubes. Usually found on old-day's house.

In this article, you will found repairing guidance of all three types of doorbell chime. So, you don’t have to worry if you have an Analogue doorbell chime.

In order to fix a doorbell chime, you need to know the mechanism and problem that can cause inside a doorbell chime. So, let’s have a look at the successive points below of different chime system.

A. Mechanical doorbell Chime:


1. Plunger:

Usually, Mechanical doorbell chime has two plungers. One for front door the other for back door. It’s kind of stick which magnetically pulled and released while the bell button is pushed.

2. Wires:

Every chime comes with a three wire system. But wires on your doorbell chime depend on the front-back door you have.

If you have only front door in your house, your doorbell chime will have two wires connected. If you have both front and back door, your chime will have three wires connected.

One wire connects to the transformer and the other two connect to the front and back doorbell buttons. Usually, the wire that connects to the transformer is red colored, and the other two has different colors.

Besides, you’ll see front, transformer and rear wire indication in the chime box.

Problems can be found

The plungers become freeze and rusty years after running. On the other hand, the wires and screws become loose or layered with copper and the chime loses its electric connectivity.

Sometimes, dust and dirt can make it dead.


If your whole chime system is dusty, you will need to clean it with rubbing alcohol. You can use cleaning snobs or cotton buds for this.

1. Fixing the plungers

If your plunger is frozen and rusty then replace it with the second plunger. But you will not be able to hear the back doorbell. Cleaning the rust will cause you no benefit. You will get distorted sound. In case of the both plunger gets rusty then you have to buy spare plunger from the market or you have to replace the whole chime.

2. Fixing the wires:

In case of wire faulty, check if any of them got slack off. If so, using a screwdriver, tighten it up. If your bell doesn’t ring yet, rub the wire-ends with a sandpaper to remove any copper layer. And then connect them with the screws.

B. Digital doorbell Chime:


1. Plungers

Digital chime system plays melody rather than ding-dong sound. Therefore, it comes with no plungers at all.

2. Wired system

Digital chime has a three-wire system like the mechanical chime. It also has front, transformer and rear wire indication

3. Wireless system

Besides the wires, it has also battery system in it. Isn’t it obvious to call it a digital chime! You can put batteries in it if you don’t like to tangle with wires.

Problems can be found

Wired chime system will face the same problem as the mechanical chime. However, regarding wireless chime system, the battery can be dead, or it can be melted for high electricity, or the connection spring becomes rusty.


1. Fixing wired system

You need to follow the same steps for wired system mentioned in the mechanical chime fixing part.

2. Fixing the wireless system

Just change the battery if you have rusty, melted or dead battery. If the connecting springs are rusted then give it a rub with sanding paper. If it still doesn’t work then move to the wired system.

C. Tube doorbell Chime:


1. Plunger

Analog or Tube bell usually has one plunger.

2. Cylinder

Where the plunger is kept with the help of a flexible spring

3. Bell hanger loop

It’s a long rope, made of nylon fabric. Metal tubes are hung from it.

4. Metal tube

The chime has two or three hanging metal tube, which makes the ringing sound

Problems can be found

In the case of an analogue doorbell, the plunger and the cylinder can become dusty and rusty. The hanger loop can be damaged, broken, torn or slacked off. The metal tube can be dusty, rusty, broken or damaged.


1. Fixing the plunger and cylinder

Clean the area with rubbing alcohol. You can clean the rust by putting them in aluminium and vinegar solution.

2. Fixing hanger loop

Sometimes, the hanger loop can be damaged or torn apart. In this case, you’ll have to replace the entire rope with a new one.

3. Fixing metal tube

For rusted metal tube, you need to dip it in aluminium-vinegar solution. For broken metal tube, you need to replace it with a new tube.

Safety concerns

As you are dealing with electricity, you need to maintain safety

  • Always turn off the main switch while working
  • After turning off the main switch, again check if there is any electricity running. For this, you'll need a voltage meter.
  • Don’t over rub the wires with sandpaper, you might damage it.
  • check
    Don’t put too much cleaning product while cleaning the chime.
  • check
    Carefully handle rubbing alcohol
  • check
    Always wear rubber gloves to avoid electric shock


Fixing a doorbell chime is no big deal as long as you have a screwdriver. Some people think it as a bulky work and spend money on technicians. Save your money and do this easy work in no time. Even you can fix your analogue doorbell chime all by yourself. You just have to follow each step one by one. And you are done!

John Bryan

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