How to Change Frequency on Wireless Doorbell

Sometimes, you might hear that your wireless doorbell is ringing, but after opening the door, no one found. What do you think? Ghost? Don't worry mate. It's not the so-called ghost. It's rather a technical problem with your doorbell. No one pushed it. Your wireless doorbell rings on its own.

Frequency interference is responsible for that kind of occurrence. For interference, your wireless doorbell rings randomly. Fixing this problem is not very tough. By changing the frequency of your wireless doorbell, you can solve this.

So, if you have a wireless doorbell, it is necessary for you to know how to change frequency on wireless doorbell.

Wireless Doorbell Frequency Interference

Wireless doorbells have a receiver unit which is known as the chime and a remote button to ring the chime. These two units are not connected by wires. If you press the push button on the remote switch, the switch sends radio signal and receiver can pick the signal. The chime triggers by the radio signal of a fixed frequency. 

The different company uses the different range of frequency to their doorbell. But if your neighbor's doorbell or a garage door operator or even a car’s alarm system have the same frequency, then do you know what would happen?

Your wireless doorbell would receive the signal from another device. So, wireless doorbell keeps going off. For Interference, this kind of doorbell rings randomly and rings on its own.

That situation is because of interference with RF frequency. This a normal situation but if you don't know about it, you may think your doorbell is not running well for its own problem. By changing the frequency of your doorbell, you can overcome this situation.

Why You Need to Change the Frequency?

If your wireless doorbell frequency matches with your neighbor’s one, CB’s, taxis or with any remote controlled toy, then interference may happen. Already we know from the previous paragraph that from interference, wireless doorbell can ring randomly on its own.

If your doorbell rang and you would find no one after opening the gate, I think it will not a good experience for you. Moreover, it also can be happened that someone continuously pressing your wireless bell's button but you are not opening and thinking that it is also happening for interference. I bet, it will also very embarrassing.  

So, it is clear that interference with another wireless doorbell or remote controlled toy or taxi signal will create disgusting moments for anyone. We can prevent this problem, by resetting the frequency of the doorbell.

It is a quite simple working process. You can easily change or set a unique frequency for your wireless doorbell by your own and maintain it.

Changing Process of the Frequency

Now you are very much closer to learn how to change the frequency of a wireless doorbell. Firstly you have to check that still you have the user manual or not. If you have the instruction, it can help you to solve the situation. Don’t you have it? Ok, I am here to help you.

Wireless doorbells are produced in some sort of models. Some of them have the advantage of changing the frequency but a small number of the models are generally produced in old days, have not this advantage.

As nowadays, fixed frequency wireless doorbell is rare, so there is a great chance that your doorbell has the advantage of changing the frequency with which, the doorbell is connected to the remote switch.

Now I am going to talk about changing the frequency of wireless doorbell of several types of doorbells.

Type 1 (HPM D641/PI series, Jacob Jensen, Jaycar etc.)

  • Check the back part of your chime
  • You will find a cover, uncover it
  • A small switch having multi-position will be found, the switch number is either six or four
  • Change the position of the switch
  • Make the same change in push button with the switch inside it
  • Pop the push button
  • If the doorbell rings, you are done with the job

Type 2 (Arlec DC683, DC684, Swann etc.)

  • Switch of the chime for not less than 30 seconds
  • Turn on the switch
  • You should hear a double beep which indicates that the machine is now in learning mode
  • Press the push button
  • You should hear a sound a sound from the chime which indicates to the code selection

Type 3 (Uniden UWG200 DECT Door Phone, SWANN HWHOM, Skybell etc.)

  • These are the most recent productions
  • This kind of doorbells have a small but effective display on it
  • Pressing extra push buttons, select the code changing or frequency changing option
  • Set your frequency, and it’s done!

Most of the doorbells generally having this sort of frequency changing techniques. So, try with yours one. If your device is like anyone of these models, hoping that one of the techniques will work.

Benefits that You Will Get

The main reason for changing frequency of your wireless doorbell is to prevent your device from interference. If you can set a frequency which is totally different from other nearby remote-controlled devices, then interference will not happen.

Selecting a unique frequency can bring peace to you. Are you thinking, how is it possible? Interference is such a thing which can bring the pang to you. In the time of sleeping or doing important things, it can be a problem for you and your family. So, changing the frequency can take a peacemaker role.

For interference, your guests would face harassment. So, changing frequency can take a saviors role to your guests and visitors.

If your neighbor has a doorbell having same frequency or a garage opener of the same frequency or a remote-controlled toy having the same frequency, then your bells signal also can make interference to it. So changing the frequency of your wireless doorbell also can bring peace to your neighbor too.

Changing frequency of your doorbell would save battery power of your doorbells receiver by preventing interference.

Precautions of Resetting the Frequency 

Here we are talking about an electronic device, which is not very strong every time. Frequency is a sensitive issue too. So, we have to take some cautions when we are going to change the frequency of the wireless doorbell. The cautions are below.

  • 1
    Sometimes you should use pliers to change the position of the switch. This switch is vulnerable. So, be careful about moving the switch with pliers.
  • 2
    The frequency has to be unique about your neighbors as if no more interference would occur.
  • 3
    Receiver and remote buttons frequency have to be the same. Otherwise, the doorbell will not ring.
  • 4
    If you open the back cover of the chime, then move it back to the position after changing the frequency.
  • 5
    Hear the beeps of your wireless doorbell carefully.
  • 6
    If your device has a digital display, then do not off its power and do not open its back cover.
  • 7
    The battery power of receiver and remote button should be checked.

Finale Words

In present day's toys and devices using radio signal is a very common thing. For this reason, if you use any kind of wireless doorbell, you need to know how to change frequency on wireless doorbell to avoid the interference.

Check your device and its model and then go as you read above in this content. You may find the solution to this problem easily.

Hope that this article will be a complete guideline for you. And I think when the ghost of your wireless doorbell would come, you can beat him and can fix your device too.

John Bryan

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