How To Change Doorbell Sound – The Ultimate Guide

You may use a doorbell but how much you know about how to change doorbell sound? It is important for making any change in sound or to fix any kind of sound related problems. If you know something or it is absolutely new to you, here you will find a complete guideline.

The doorbell is a notifying device. Mainly it has two parts. They are chime and remote push button. When the visitor presses the button which is situated in the main gate of the house, the chime will ring to notify the householder that somebody is waiting to visit him. But sometimes you may face some issues with your doorbell.

You may want to change the sound or the doorbell may not ring in the proper way. To fix this problem, you must know the changing process.

Hope you will get a clear picture of the sound changing process after reading this writing. So, let's begin.

How a Doorbell Creates the Notification Sound

If you press the remote button of your doorbell, the chime part creates a sound. Chime usually have these portions, Transformer, Electromagnet, Metal cylinder, Wires and Tune bars.

In doorbell, electromagnet controls the metal cylinder and transformer reduces the power from the power source. If the cylinder hits on tone bar, you will hear a sound ‘’ding’’ or ‘’dong’’ or any other sound the tone bar provides. Wires are needed for the power supply and connecting the parts with each other.

When you press the push button, the electromagnet becomes active. So the metal cylinder will hit a tuning bar which provides the ‘’ding’’ sound. As long as the button is pressed, the electromagnet will active and the cylinder will remain in the same position. When you will turn the button off, the electromagnet will become deactivated.

A spring put the cylinder in its equilibrium position, and it will hit the tuning bar situated on another side. Which makes the sound “dong’’. In this way, the chime of a doorbell works and create the sound.

Why You Need to Change Doorbell Sound?

Do you know why is it necessary to know the procedure of changing the sound of a doorbell? Here, I am going to show some points about why you need to change your doorbell sound.

In maximum cases, you will have to change the doorbell sound for the reason of keeping itself silent. It also happens that, you will hear to provide your doorbell ding but no dong. Undoubtedly, these situations are annoying for everybody. 

Sometimes you would have heard the buzzes of the transformer, or electromagnet. Changing the doorbell sound can fix this problem. It also can bring louder sound than usual.

Many people love to hear some extraordinary and fully entertaining sounds in their doorbells. They can have it by changing the doorbell sound.

Procedure of Changing Doorbell Sound

You can change your doorbell sound in many ways. The situation will say you what is to do and what isn't. Here I am talking some of the ways about how to change doorbell sound.

1. Changing the Transformer

If your doorbell buzzes, you need to change its transformer. The working process is as below :-

  • Turn off the power supply.
  • Open the cover of the doorbell.
  • Cut the connecting wires and use tape to make them covered.
  • check
    Replace the old transformer with a new one.
  • check
    Rejoin the wires and you are done.

2. Inserting new tune bar or bell

If your doorbell has a small sound, or no sound, or even if you want a customized tune, then you have to change the bar. By changing the tuning bar, you can make your doorbell louder too. That’s how to make a doorbell louder. The process of changing tune bar is below :-

  • Turn off the power supply and open the chime cover.
  • You will find two tune bars on the side of the box and they are attached to the screw.
  • Replace the existing bars with new bars and get ready to have a bang.

3. Replacing the spring with a new one

Sometimes your doorbell may provide just "ding". And it may cause your sound lighter. It occurs when the spring is getting weak. So the cylinder cannot goes in the recommended way. The changing process is :

  • Take the spring in the equilibrium condition.
  • Open its ends with the pliers and remove it.
  • Follow the same procedure for the new spring but in reverse order.
  • check
    Connect the cylinder to the springs end and replacing process is done.

4. Switching the wires

Sometimes the reason for only providing "ding" sound is the joining of the wire in an incorrect order. So just cut the wires and switch with each other. Use scotch tape for safety coat. Turn on the push button. If it provides both “ding” and “dong” sound, then you are done.

5. For digital system doorbell

Digital doorbells actually don’t have this kind of electromagnet or tune bar. It just has an electric circuit, a speaker, and some connecting wires. So, if you hear some buzzes or low volume sound, or no sound, then just change the speaker.

If it doesn't work, then you have to change your doorbell circuit. But mind it, finding a doorbell circuit is never an easy task to do.

So, by following these procedures, you can change your doorbell sound.

How to Silence a Doorbell

Think about that lazy weekend morning. You are sleeping and making yourself recharged for the whole busy week. If your doorbell would make a big “ding-dong” on that moment, it will be so much annoying.

How would it be, if you could silent your doorbell and it would give a red LED signal? So, let’s see to know how you can silent your doorbell.

To make your doorbell silent, you can use these things, wireless remote control car, battery, LED and relay.

Now I am describing the whole work working process and it is totally a simple job.

  • 1
    First, open the cars cover and after cutting all the connections, take out the receiver circuit.
  • 2
    Open the connections to the doorbell and uncover it.
  • 3
    Place a LED in the circuit.
  • 4
    Connect the battery to the circuit.
  • 5
    Connect the circuit to the doorbells power supply line with a connector.
  • 6
    Set the circuit in a suitable place in the doorbell box.
  • 7
    Reconnect all the wires of the doorbell that you cut before.
  • 8
    And you have done the job.

Now when you will press the power button of the doorbell, the circuit will be broken and the LED will emit light. Here the LED is actually works as an indicator. When you turn off the power of the circuit, the LED will also turn itself off and the total circuit will close. So, now the doorbell is ready to notify you of its tune.

Precautions of Changing Doorbell Sound

Changing doorbell sound is not a tough task, but sometimes it can be risky. So, there are some cautions to you when you will go to change your doorbell sound. Remember, safety is first.

The cautions are in right downwards.

  • Electric shocks can be dangerous. Even death is also possible by it. So, before opening the doorbell box, turn off all your circuit box.
  • Use scotch tape in every part of the cut wires.
  • Use screwdrivers and pliers carefully.
  • Don’t break or spoil any part of the doorbell or radio signal receiving circuit of the RC car.
  • Properly reconnect the power supply lines.
  • Carefully reset all the screw that you have opened.

Bottom Words

People actually buy a doorbell to make life easier. But if it has any problem in its sound, then doorbell can ruin your peace too. Sometimes the huge or dull notifying sound can make problem to you.

Even sometimes it's important to bring some special tune like chirping, barking, the roar of the ocean etc. to your doorbell. This would be necessary to somebody for their hobby or any other possible reasons. By following these process you can solve this problem.

Finally, hope you have got the proper guideline from this content.

John Bryan

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