How to Change a Doorbell Chime – Follow These 4 Steps

Having trouble while changing doorbell chime? Before you call your technician, I suggest you take a look at this content. 

Most people think that only a professional technician can change doorbell chime. Thus, they spent money on technicians. Well, I have a saving scheme for you. And I am sure that you are going to like it. 

Here will give you a full guideline on how to change a doorbell chime. Don't worry. It is not a bulky work at all. You can do it all by yourself at ease.

Before that let's see what kind of chime are out there in the market and which one do you have in your house. 

Types of doorbell Chime

Every one of us has a doorbell as well as a doorbell chime in their house. Now, the type of chime you could have depends on the age of your house. There are two types of doorbell chime you can find.

1. Mechanical doorbell chime

Usually, old day’s house contains a mechanical doorbell chime. It produces a ‘ding-dong’ sound while the bell button is pressed. So if your home is old fashioned, you will definitely have a mechanical doorbell chime.

2. Digital doorbell chime

Used in new-made houses. It produces a melody instead of a ding-dong sound. So, if you buy a new house recently, you will have a digital doorbell chime.

Mechanism of a doorbell chime

Before you proceed to the repair section, it is vital that you know about the mechanism of a doorbell chime.

Digital chime has two systems. One is wired system and another is the wireless system or battery system. However, mechanical doorbell chime has only one system in it and that is the wired system.

So, let’s talk about the wired system first. And then the wireless system or battery system.

A. Wired system:

This system has three wires connected successively to the front doorbell button, transformer, and rear bell button. In the chime box, you can also find three connecting panels indicating front, transformer and rear panel.

It has two plungers one connects to the front bell button and the other connects to the back bell button. They generate ding-dong sound when they are magnetically pulled and released while the bell button is released.

Mechanical and Digital both have wired system. There is a little diode that is used in the bell button if it has a digital chime.

B. Wireless system or battery system:

The wireless system basically refers to simply put batteries in the chime. There are one-battery chime and two-battery chime out on the market.

How do you choose your doorbell chime

Now that you've come this far, you have already have had a basic knowledge about chimes. But in case if you want to replace a chime box, what would be the new one? Would it be a mechanical chime box? Or, a digital chime box?

You see, Mechanical chime has an only wired system. In case if you lose electricity or your wire gets damaged or melted you have to replace it with the wires.

On the other hand, Digital chime has both wired and wireless system. In case if something happens to the wired system, you can always use a battery system. Well, in this part, I believe that you have already got your answer.

It's digital chime. It privileges you with both wired and wireless system. Moreover, you can customize what kind of melody you want if someone knocks at your door. Cool! Right?

Changing a Doorbell Chime

Now, this part is the vital part. You need to go through it without missing any steps. So let’s start changing a doorbell chime!

For your comfort, what I did is, I have sectioned individual steps for each doorbell chime and merged the common steps of both doorbell chimes.

1. Un-Mounting a Doorbell Chime

  • Turn off the main switch and open the chime box. Usually, the chime lid is loosened, can be easily taken off.
  • Untie the screws that connect to the three wires. Use a screwdriver for it.
  • Mark the front, transformer and rear wire successively as F, T, and R.
  • Untie the screws that hold the  entire  chime box against the wall.
  • Un-mount the chime box.

2. Mounting Mechanical Chime Box

  • Mount the new chime box with screws. Again, use a screwdriver for it.
  • Pull out the three wires that are coming from the wall. Through the square hole that you see.
  • Place the wire according to their labels. And tight them with the screws.
  • Turn on the main power.

3. Mounting Digital Chime Box

As you have two options for digital chime box, you want to use the wired option in the first place. Make the wireless option as your optional choice.

  • Regarding the setting guideline for wired system follow the steps that are mentioned in ‘mounting mechanical doorbell chime box’.

4. Placing a diode

The last step for the installation of digital chime box is adding a diode to the bell button.

  • First, unscrew the lid of the bell-button.
  • Behind the bell button screen, you will find two screw terminals wires coming out from it. Place the diode connecting the two screws. And you are done!

Safety tips

As you are handling wires and electricity matters, it is necessary to concern some safety steps.

  • Always turn off the main switch before you proceed further.
  • Recheck if there is any current running. Use voltage meter.
  • Use rubber gloves to avoid electric shock

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, we can conclude that changing a doorbell chime not as hard as it seems. It is super easy and you just need to have a basic most knowledge about wiring for this work. Moreover, as a tool, you only need a screwdriver and some screws. That is all.

Before calling a technician I suggest you read this article on how to change doorbell chime and you definitely can save money.

John Bryan

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