How to build a metal tool cart – 6 Simple Steps

Are you very much worried about keeping your essential tools together so that you can find them easily when you need? Do you miss your important tools frequently? Then a good tool cart is the best solution for you. Stay with me and I'll walk you through the whole process of How to build a metal tool cart.

A tool cart is that furniture which will let you keep your all tools in one place. It is nice to look at even! A tool cart may be wooden or metal. But in recent years the metal tool cart has been more popular for its cheap cost and durability.


In this article, I have brought up an in-depth discussion about a metal tool cart, it features and how to build a metal tool cart. Let’s see what are here for you!

Metal Tool Cart

A metal tool cart is mainly a metal box having two or three drawers in it. It is very handy furniture to keep the tools organized. A metal tool cart is mainly made of sheet metal. It is more durable any other wooden box.

Features of a Metal Tool Cart

  • 1
    Easy to move
  • 2
    Power by wheels
  • 3
    Locking System and 2 standard
  • 4
    Powder coat paint
  • 5
    Scratch resistance
  • 6
    Chemical resistance
  • 7
    Several trays
  • 8
    Ball-Bearing Slide
  • 9
    Several Drawers
  • 10
    Individual lock

How to build a metal tool cart?

It may be that you cannot afford to buy a tool cart now. But it has been essential to keeping your tools together safely. Then what can you do?

Yes, you can do one thing and that is you can make your metal tool cart. Believe me, it is not very hazard task. You can easily do it if you know some basic steps to making a metal tool cart.

I am going to share with you these steps which were secret to you before! You will know how to build a cart with wheels from these steps. You will also get an idea about how to make a toolbox out of sheet metal below.

So let’s start:

Step One: Make the Design

The design is the most important part to build a metal tool cart. So, make a good design before starting making your metal tool cart.

You should have a pretty design idea for your cart. In your design give emphasis on using sheet metal rather than rod angel to save money. At the time of designing, consider if you have any metal tool chest plans. Consider your room space also.

Start going through all of your sheet metal that how much metal you need to purchase to build a metal cart. Then make a quick sketch of your desired tool cart on paper to get the measurements.

It will help you to know demand that how many drawers you need. You can also measure its deepness by sketching. It will help you with wastage of your materials.

Step Two: Collect the Essential Tools and Materials

As a second step of your metal tool cart making, you have to collect some tools and materials for your project. You will easily find them in hardware shops.

To smooth your collecting process, I am bringing up here a list of tools and materials you will need:

  1. Lincoln 210 MP Welder
  2. FEIN Angle Grinder 
  3. 375 Air Plasma Cutter
  4. Welding Table
  5. Milwaukee FUEL Impact
  6. Metal Chop Saw
  7. FEIN Slugger Drill
  8. Die Grinder
  9. Air compressor
  10. Brad nail gun
  11. Air hose
  12. Circular saw
  13. Cordless drill
  14. Clamps
  15. Countersink drill bit
  16. Hearing protection
  17. Framing square
  18. Miter saw
  19. Safety glasses
  20. Table saw
  21. Straightedge
  22. Sheet Metal
  23. 90-degree clamp

Step Three: Cut the Sheet Metal According to Your Cart Size

Now you have to cut the sheet metal to get your desired size for your metal cart. But if you have free sheet metal tool box plans, you can use free size sheet metal then. 

Actually, it depends on you that if you use free sheet metal or use it by cutting. But if you need to cut your sheet metal, you will need following tools and materials to run this cutting mission perfectly as well as safely.

 - Materials and Tools

  1. Tin snips
  2. 4 foot by the 8-foot sheet metal
  3. Two Sawhorses
  4. Tape measure
  5. Straight edge
  6. Pencil
  7. Plastic molding (optional)
  8. Two Wooden blocks (optional)
  9. ​8′long 1×2 furring strip 
  10. Safety glasses
  11. Wood clamps (optional)
  12. Work gloves
  13. Metal cutting drill bit
  14. Power drill
  15. Metal file

- How to Cut Sheet Metal for Cart?

To cut your sheet metal for your cart simply goes through the following steps:

Step One:

Buy a pair of tin snips that you need for of cutting your project entails. Many tin snips have a color code on the handles. These color codes represent three basic varieties:

  1. red handles means the snips cut left,
  2. green-handled means the snips cut right
  3. Yellow-handled means the snips cut straight.
Step Two:

Set up a stable, sturdy, workbench that can support the size of your sheet metal. Usually, a 4 foot by 8-foot sheet metal needs two sawhorses as an ideal workbench.

Step Three:

Lay the sheet metal on the workbench. Then lay your pattern on it. Sketch your design pattern on the sheet metal using a tape measure, straightedge, and pencil.

When you will get your desired shape, just set up the whole arrangement on your sheet metal for tracing. Once the tracing is done, remove it.

Step Four:

Don’t forget to put on your work gloves and safety glasses before grabbing your tin snips. First of all open the tool completely.

Then seat the edge of your sheet metal in the jaws as deep as possible. Align the blade of the tool with your pattern line. Keep contact with the upper blade of tin snips and the sheet metal.

Cut squeezing the handles in one hand. Repeat the process until final the cut is done.

Step Five:

Now, run a metal file to clean them up. Remove if there are any lingering burrs to get a fresh sheet metal piece.

Step Four: Start the Construction

  • Gather all the cutting pieces of your sheet metal. Make sure that all the pieces you have cut in same size and square.
  • You can use straight edge clamp to have a good cut. You can also cut with a or jig saw or circular saw.
  • Place the biggest side first. Then set the perpendicular side. You can use here a 90-degree clamp to hold it up.
  • Fasten them together. You can use an air stapler to secure the pieces lightly. Now go through with screws to get a stronger connection.
  • Repeat this process until the cart is complete.
  • At this point, you have to attach the caster wheels to the bottom surface of the cart.

Step Five: Construct the Drawers

The drawers are a small part of a metal tool cart. But it is main part as you actually keep your tools in this part. So, be sure that you are making your drawer properly.

The numbers of drawers depending on your want. Generally, a metal tool cart has 2-3 drawers. You may make more if you need.

To run a proper drawer construction, try the following steps:

  • 1
    Cut out the drawer bottom.
  • 2
    Cut out all the four sides.
  • 3
    Set up one side bottom. Then secure on each end. Do it with the 90-degree clamp.
  • 4
    Fasten with nails, staples, or screws.
  • 5
    Attach 90-degree clamp on opposite side and then use assemble it.
  • 6
    Slide the remaining sides and fasten.
  • 7
    Attach the drawer slide onto drawer.

Step Six: Assemble All the Parts Properly

  • Actually constructing a metal cart is very simple. You have now all of your parts ready. Just glow and screw them now or nail them together.
  • After cutting down the sheet metal into your desired sizes, cut now all the leg pieces. Glue them together. You may use here screws or nails to hold them together if the glue dries.
  • Fasten the legs with the cart. Use three screws at every corner. Finally, your metal cart is ready now. You can use it!

Bottom Line

As a Whole, I can hope that you have been now little bit expert in balding a metal cart. What a good news! You can make your friends and family wonder now making your metal tool cart. It is not tough to you anymore.

But keep in mind one thing that you are working with metal parts which cause you serious injury anytime. So, don’t forget to take adequate sate measures before starting making a metal cart.

One more thing, don’t forget to collect all the necessary tools and materials prior to the work. Otherwise, you may have to rush to market even at the time of your making process.

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