How Does a Wired Doorbell Work?

Do you know an electromagnetic system is included in the working procedure of a wired doorbell?

You may find the doorbell working system a simple electric circuit system. But as I have said earlier the electromagnetic system is related to this working process.

Such a small device with electromagnetic system produce such beautiful melody and tone. The heart of a doorbell sound system is an electromagnet.

The electromagnetic system means a coil of wire wrapped around a small piece of magnet. When the electricity will pass through the wire, the connection will be completed and then the magnetic field will be created automatically. The coil of wire will multiply this magnetic field. And the effect will also go around any magnetic object. The magnetic field also creates the north and the South Pole just like any magnetic object.

You can ask how a doorbell works with an electromagnet.

Don’t think too much!!!

I have described the whole work system below that will make any maintenance work regarding this for you.

Doorbells are usually low-voltage devices. So this means they don’t need such huge voltage to operate the mechanism. But the AC voltage comes normally 120-volt for house-holding. So for this reason transformer is one of the most important devices for running a doorbell. A transformer mainly 120-volt current to the low voltage like 6-7 voltage.

Now the main part of a doorbell is to making noise by which you will get a notice that someone has come to your house. I have described three ways to create sound. If I describe them then you will be clear about how a doorbell work does. Those have been given below.

1. Chime System:

A chime of a doorbell uses the magnetic field which is created by the electromagnetic field. The electromagnetic field creates sound by moving a piston which is magnetic and strike the two bars of metal. That creates the ding-dong type sound.

The chime makes sounds when you press the doorbell switch. After pressing the switch the circuit gets connected means completed. Then the flow of electricity passes through the doorbell. And then the electromagnet field creates by active flowing of electricity into the electromagnet.

Then the power from the electromagnetic field run the mechanism and create sound. Mainly in the coiled wire, the piston is connected to a non-magnetic metal bar. When you press the switch the piston will move into the coiled wire. Otherwise, the piston will stay at left by the help of a spring. And after pressing the switch the piston will hit the non – magnetic metal bar. The metal bar will vibrate in a certain tone and create sound.

The sound can even make elaborate or more hearable by adding more solenoid or non-metal bar. The topic of adding more solenoids comes when you will use a single chime with multiple buttons. Normally these type of wired doorbell has been used who has front and back both doors. The working process isn’t different much than the single button doorbell. 

There are two different solenoids on that type of doorbell. One is connected with the front door and another is connected to the back door. Each of them completely separate electromagnetic unit. If you press the front door switch then the electromagnet that is connected with that, the tone bar will get hit not the second one. The other non-magnet tone bar will get hit when you will press the back door switch. The sound will be different so that you can identify that the sound is door switch will create ding sound.

2. Buzzer system:

Most of the people don’t use the buzzer system nowadays. But though some people use this old designed manufactured device. So I thought that I should describe this process also.

In this system, the electromagnet is also used for operating - interrupting service. The wire of the electrical circuit is connected to the one end of the electromagnet wire. The other end of the electromagnet wire is connected to a moving object like arm which is metal.

The arm is a thin and conductive metal. The end of the arm which is anchored is connected to the electrical circuit.

When you will press the switch the circuit will be closed and then the electromagnetic field will become active. The field will attract the arm and the arm will leave the stationary position. But after leaving the stationary position the circuit will break down and then the magnet bar will go down. And after pulling down back it will go to its own position and this incident will again reestablish the connection between the electromagnet and the circuit. So the process will repeat again. This will happen for a dozen of time in a second.

This is the process of buzzer system based wired doorbell.

3. Bell System:

The bell system wired doorbell works as the same process of buzzer system. But here only the difference is instead of buzzer the contact arm is attached to a clapper. When you push the switch, the clapper continuously hits the bell and the sound produces.

Though the article is based on the work process of wired doorbell the electronic doorbell has become so much available nowadays. So it can be your question that how an electric doorbell works. So here I can simply give you a brief about that point.

The electric doorbell works by an integrated circuit. It doesn’t contain any electromagnet or non-magnet tone bar. A song or any kind of message has been installed in this integrated circuit. When you push the switch the integrated circuit gets triggered.


So here I have introduced you to the working process of a wired doorbell by describing three systems. The three system mainly defines the working process of how a doorbell produces sound.

Though many people are now buying the electrical doorbell, in many houses you can see the wired doorbell and many people also buy. So if you are one of them, I hope this guide was able to give you enough information regarding this.

John Bryan

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