10 Best Entrenching Tool Uses for Adventurers

Carrying heavy weight equipment during adventure works such as gardening service and other related works is troublesome. Carrying lightweight entrenching tools has brought a solution to this problem. Usually, entrenching tool uses can be a simple solution for digging little hole. Moreover, adventure workers use this tool for making dent or entrench.

Even in some unexpected survival situation, it is of great use for adventurers. You may feel a need of hoe, shovel, saw, hammer, a wire cutter or an ax during adventure camping or in any other outdoor survival situation, in these cases entrenching tool uses will be the best option to choose certainly.

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What is entrenching tool?

A collapsible spade consists of a blade and a handle. The blade is formed of steel, aluminum or other metal. A leather bag is provided to carry this whole short shovel system easily. Generally, this is used as gardening, camping equipment or as various military purpose equipment.

Common users of entrenching tools

1. Military forces:

One of the most common work during a war is to make the trench for safety. Military forces use entrenching tool to make this operation done. Also when military forces walk into the jungle or in any hilly region they need to clean up the way full of obstacles of branches of trees, shrub or bush.

2. Campers:

During camping campers often use entrenching tools to set up their tent or any other temporary housing system. In order to level the ground or to clean the ground and removing the obstacles to make a surface plane they often use this entrenching tool. Also for safety campers use this instrument.

3. Gardeners:

In a garden, works can be done by using lightweight tools like entrenching tools. The task in a garden is much lighter. Most of the gardeners try to avoid hoe, spade or shovel of heavyweight. Entrenching tool is the ultimate solution of all these instruments.

4. Travelers:

During travel trees, ice, muddy road can stand as an obstacle, travelers use entrenching tools to get out of trouble like this. Multitasking instruments like this one is of great use for travelers as anytime obstacles or any danger can come towards them.

5. Survivors:

Any danger can stand up during survival days. Violent animals can cause harm to them, nowadays entrenching tool uses for adventure can give safety against this because of its structure. Many tasks can be done simultaneously with this entrenching tool. Which helps to reduce the chaos of carrying large numbers of instruments for a survivor.

What’s the bottom line?

Where you can mainly use an entrenching tool?

Adventure purpose

One of the most common uses of the entrenching tool is in adventure jobs. From beginner to professional level, anyone can use this material for their jobs. Forming tent, cleaning the obstructs of the way and even in cooking, entrenching tools use has brought a huge change in adventures jobs.

Military affairs

During the war, ‘military entrenching tool uses’ has become a common scenario for the expert soldiers. To make a trench in order to protect and to stay there, military peoples use this lightweight tool make that operation. It is very much comfortable for military purpose as it is very much easier to carry and small in size and light in weight.

In cold regions

For local people and also for adventurers living in a cold region it is a common situation to face ice on their way. They need to overcome the obstacle due to the ice to move on. Generally during winter season when too many snowing causes stopping the way entrenching tools can clear their obstacles.

Purpose of Gardening

The hobby of gardening is much familiar, most of the people try to make this work done easily. Using a hoe, spade and so more instruments of heavyweight are very much troublesome for a gardener, entrenching tools has brought a solution of this problem as it can be used as a multitasking instrument for various jobs.

Miscellaneous purpose

To rescue someone trapped in danger, or to kill any zombie faced suddenly. Cut down grain from the field or in any various outdoor farming purpose entrenching tools can be used. To remove brushwood, scrub or other unexpected objects surrounding it can be easily used.

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How can an adventurer make the best use of an entrenching tool

1. Clearing Brushwood

An adventurer most of the time faces brushwood on his way. It is very much troublesome to use long spade or ax or long knife or any other tool to clear those disturbances.

Entrenching tools of around 2 pounds in weight and 1 foot in length is a very much friendly instrument to make an escape away from that situation. Adventurers also can cut bush, plant or small trees or any obstructs on their way by this instrument.

2. Setting fire

One of the most important uses of the entrenching tool is setting out a fire on demand. Magnesium rod nowadays often attached to entrenching tool. It helps to start a fire in the crucial situation.

In a portion of the handle, there is a tool to start a fire. A spark can be can be formed by striking the flint against any metal object, most of the time knife is used as the metal object.

3. Setting up a tent

Sometimes boring holes in the ground surface is necessary for setting up a tent of higher strength. The corners of a tent need to set up on the ground, in those cases, an entrenching tool is of great use for adventurers.

They can bore holes easily with the help of entrenching tool. Also, they don't need to carry heavy weights spade or shovel during adventure jobs.

4. To make cooking stove

During camping adventurers sometimes feel to cook food. By entrenching tools it is easier to dig space or hole in the ground to make a stove.

The edge of the blade used in entrenching tool is sharp enough to dig a smooth hole of required size and shape. Because of this advantage, adventurers do not need to worry about to carry heavy weight cooking stoves.

5. Chop on demand

While camping, adventurers sometimes feel the necessity of cooking any veg or non-veg food. If there stands any situation of shortage of knife or any sharp object entrenching tool will be helpful.

The range of Chopping vegetable or meat is large for adventurers. The scarcity of food may arise in any situation, on those spot entrenching tools use may figure out a solution by processing food to cook.

6. Reduces ice trouble

Stuck in ice often happens with an adventurer. When one makes the best entrenching tool uses art in travel he survives his stuck side from ice. One side of the blade used there is serrated when another is roughly sharpened, it helps to cut ice.

Also, its outfield is triangular, it helps to make this kind of results. Even during snowfall, it helps one to make short steps if someone's feet stuck into ice.

7. Building entrench

Sometimes for extra safety and for cold environment condition, an adventurer needs to build mini entrench by digging earth, in that cases entrenching tool helps much. An adventurer may face sudden situation to make entrench in a forest or in hill or in the valley.

For extra safety one may carry this kit to avoid any struggles. Carrying entrenching tool one can easily stay away from the trouble of carrying heavy weight spade or ax or shovel.

8. As a cooking equipment

As we know the shovel can be folded easily in any direction, this helps to form a surface of cooking. The blade of the entrenching tool has a little curve, which helps to hold food and not to flow out liquid portion of food.

Providing a burner or any stove under the blade will provide heat to the surface and continue the process of cooking.

9. Getting out of trouble inroads

Adventurers sometimes use a vehicle when they need to travel a long distance. In those cases, muddy roads result trapping the vehicle. Hardly one can drive out his car from that situation.

Entrenching tools use to make a solution to this situation. They can make escape way by removing the muds around the tire. Entrenching tools here is used as the spade and easy to carry.

10. Making of sanitary latrine

During hiking, climbing, and camping if an adventurer feels to ease himself and feels to make a latrine hole, he may use his entrenching tools to dig a hole. 

And after easing himself he can easily again cover up the hole, it paves the way for keeping the environment fresh. Also when group of adventurers goes for several days adventures and they need to make a temporary toilet, they can use this to borrow a hole.

Cautions you need to follow

  • Users should not hit this instrument with rock or stone.
  • After use, cleaning the spade part is must necessary.
  • Should not be exposed to the environment for a long time.
  • Smooth and sharp edges may cause accident, so handling and using should be done carefully.
  • Before buying; fake, used and fault copy must be avoided.


There are various types of entrenching tools, each of them is best particularly. Adventures need to choose the best one as their necessity and choice.

In market Fobachi military folding shovel, Garber E-tool folding spade, SOG FO8-N Entrenching Tool, USGI Issue E-Tool, Cold steel Special Forces Shovel, Pagreberya compact entrenching tool are well known for best use. 

Also, military surplus entrenching tools are found in the market, to get the best use of entrenching tool one must check date out, fake, used ones before buying. One can keep entrenching tools close at hand easily and use it for various purpose.

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