Electrician Tool Belt Setup (New Strategy + Case Study)

If you want to save your time without much effort, you should go for different gadgets according to your profession. Tool belts are for electrician, plumbers, carpenters and more. Electrician tool belt is one the best thing for a beginner electrician. It is almost like an assistant for him. Electrician tool belt setup may take some steps but then again it is very much helpful for an electrician. Electricians have to organize his tools properly.

Electrician tool belts are very important for an electrician. To get out of heavy tool filled bags and this tool belt allows you to work faster and better. Moreover, to work on ladders and high rise structures, it is very easy for an electrician to use tool belt to make the work properly. These tool belts are very helpful for a beginner electrician.

What is electrician tool belt?

An electrician tool belt is an accessory belt that is ornamented with a pouch in which an electrician can carry all the important and necessary tools with him. This combination of electrician tool belts and pouches is very much important for an electrician because these belts have the ability to carry all the important and delicate instruments with him.

Being made of a good quality electrician tool belt leather, it can be a true enhancement of your life as an electrician.

What types of tools you'll usually find in electrician tool belt?

1. Tape measure:

The very first thing you will find in tool belt all the time is a tape measure. A tape measure is very important for an electrician.

2. Claw Hammer:

A very good duty claw hammer is an essential part of electrician tool belt. This hammer should weigh around 10 to 12 oz. and this should be in the dominant hand pocket. This hammer to be comfortable and needs to have maximum nail-driving power.

3. Pencil & Chalk line:

A smooth flat working pencil won’t break too easily and an electrician must include a pencil in his tool belt. These pencils are very good for rough works. Another device that is important is chalk line. A chalk line is a must for snapping long lines or straight lines. This chalk line is also used as plumbing bob or string line.

4. Utility Knife:

Utility knife is the all-rounder in a tool belt. This knife is a must for cutting and other works. Moreover while cutting a wire or something it’s important. The electrician should keep a utility knife and should have two extra blades. One should be straight and other is curved and stored in the handle.

In case you’re in need of a number of knives in the belt, chose the electrician tool belt leather carefully.

5. Multi screw-driver:

For an electrician, a screwdriver is a must because he or she needs to open up different electric boxes or other devices. So a screwdriver is the first priority for a tool belt. A four in one screwdriver that is of two sizes each of Philips bits and straight blades.

6. Stripper & wire cutters:

Strippers and wire cutters are part and parcel of an electrician’s life. Wire cutters of different sizes must include in the box. Flush cutters, automatic wire cutter, tapered head cutter etc. are different types of wire cutter and strippers.

7. Electrical Tester:

Tester is the most important tool for an electrician. If you want to test whether there is any current flow or anything, a tester is a must. Inductance testers, continuity testers, solenoid voltage, testers these can be used for testing both voltage and polarity. The electrician must have testers which can test both ac and dc current.

8. Miscellaneous:

There are many important tools that an electrician must have in their electrician tool belts and pouches. Different types of tapes for the different colored wire. Like black tape, green or red tapes. Another thing that is important is royal plug and nails of different sizes. Moreover, a multi-meter should fit in there. And heavy things like drill should be hanged around the belt.

Why tool belt setup is a challenge for an electrician?

The tool belt is an important thing for an electrician and Electrician tool belt setup is one kind of challenging for the electrician. Once you get easy with the process of making a tool belt, it seems no hard nut to crack. But for first timers, there are some issues now and then. 

These are some specific reasons behind it-

  • First of all, the electrician need to know which tools should be in the belt.
  • Organizing tools according to dominant hand is a must. The electrician has to know how to organize all the tools in the belt.
  • Electrician tool belt is a challenge because these are the things which he or she would need while working.
  • He should know which tool belt and pouch he would need to keep tools. In case of electrician tool belt with suspenders, this becomes even tougher.
  • Often electrician doesn't know everything about his tools. It becomes a challenge to setup tool belt without knowing them.
  • Electrician tool belt setup requires more knowledge about key tools and secondary tools, that’s why it’s a challenge for an electrician to pick best tools for the tool belt.

Step by Step all out tool belt setup procedure for a beginner electrician

1. Choose the best belt for you:

Every tool belt will not suit all the electrician. For a beginner electrician, finding the perfect tool belt is a very big challenge. So you have to find the best belt that suits you. Always try to find a padded belt. Always be careful of large buckles and check the size carefully.

2. Buy a tool belt with lots of pockets:

As an electrician, you don’t know which tool will be necessary at the sudden time. So your bag has to be good enough for tools you carry. So as a beginner your tool belt must require a good amount of pocket. Buy a tool belt with a lot of pockets.

3. Choose tools for your belts:

Since tool belts are designed to carry tools, so your tools have to be more precised and specific. You have to be more careful with your tools. So this is very important for an engineer to sort out necessary tools. Always try to carry only the tools you need. Don’t overload the belts with tools.

4. Organize tools carefully:

Keeping your tools organized is a major issue. You have to organize all the tools properly in your belt. Look for pouches and other pockets. Organize the tools according to your dominant hand and helping hand. Put tools closely so that you can easily pick them when you need. This one is very much important for a beginner.

5. Tools for your dominant hand:

Dominant-hand tools are the tools for your main hand. Like if you are lefty then left one is your dominant hand and you use this hand more frequently than the other hand. In this hand side, you need to keep best tools for your work. Liker duty claw hammer, sniffers, wire cutter, screwdrivers, pencils and others so that you can get the tool subconsciously.

6. Tools for helping hand:

Helper hand accessories that work in combination with the dominant hand. Like to hold the nail while you are hammering. You have to draw lines with pencils and hold the scale in other hands. Helper hand tools are two nail sets, plus, finish nails and etc.

7. Reverse the belt for comfort:

Tool belts are used mainly for your comfort and for the easiness of using various tools when you are working. Choosing tool belt with rear pockets is very much important for working comfortably. It will be much easier for you to work with. You can bend very easily and it also increases efficiency.

8. Quality & Durability in tool belts:

You don’t only want your tool belt to be comfortable, but you also want your belt to last long. It will take a good amount of abuse, and lots of stabbing and poking from tools. The leather is good for durability and it will outlast other material. You can also go for nylon as some of the electricians also go for it. It is very light to carry.

9. Safety:

Safety is the very first thing you need to consider for any work or anything. Safety is the first issue. Maintaining safety is the first job for any worker. So firstly you have to ensure safety while organizing your tools. Climb safely in walls or working on ladders. As an electrician, you have to work in tall poles. So that your belt has to be safer.

10. Ease your load:

Your tool belt has to be padded as you need to wear this on your back. For this, use an electrician tool belt with suspenders to distribute the weight of tools and fastener. For even better back support you have to buy tool pouches with the padded belt that can be used with or without the harness. Moreover, you need to practice proper techniques for carrying all the tools as a beginner electrician.

Things to be remembered for the cautions of safety

Avoid discomfort:

Avoid discomfort, pain, and fatigue even performing a task for a long period of time. Moreover, control or eliminate hazards that may cause you injuries & Electrician tool belt setup is very necessary for avoiding discomfort.

Use Specific tools:

Another important caution of safety is reducing the number of unnecessary tools from your belt. Unnecessary tools in the belt may cause stress. As you need to climb up sometimes in tall poles or buildings, so you don’t want your bag to be very heavy.

Don’t go for long:

Tool belts can cause severe pain in your body especially in your back. If you wear this belt for so long, it may cause back pain. It takes a toll on your back. To avoid this, you can use a padded belt to avoid this problem.

Choose belt cautiously:

Tool belt is important for beginner electrician. Choosing perfect tool belt reduces a great amount of risk in working. Always try to buy a light tool belt. Mainly belt made of nylon is lightweight and durable. So they last longer.

Organize according to your comfort:

It is very much important for a beginner electrician to know which tools should be on which side. Mainly dominant tools should be in dominant hand. If it is not organized properly, it may fall and you might have difficulties to find your tools quickly which may cause accidents.


Tool belt is an important equipment for an electrician and it is very important for beginner electricians. A tool belt helps an electrician to be more organized and precised in his working life. Tool belts with various pockets and pouches help to work properly and as you can take lots of tools with you, you will be able to save more time and can do the work properly.

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