Doorbell Camera vs Security Camera – The Definitive Guide

Surveillance cameras are the preferable system to look after our houses. Every day we are seeing it, hearing about it. There are two surveillance camera systems for our house.

  • 1
    Doorbell Camera
  • 2
    Security Camera

Some of us still don’t have a clear concept of the two above. Therefore, we face troubles and lots of confusion while choosing the perfect one for us.

I have discussed these two security systems in brief but useful. So that you guys can gain a clear idea about doorbell camera and security camera.

Doorbell camera

The main idea of it is hidden in its name. You see, doorbell and camera together make a doorbell camera! It’s a tiny device that includes a doorbell. You can even upgrade your old doorbell into a doorbell camera.

Basically, it runs on battery. However, sometimes it also includes wired system. The decision is onto you that which one you are going to use.

Like a doorbell, a doorbell camera has to be connected with the doorbell chime and transformers.

A doorbell camera allows you to view what is happening around your door by detecting motions even at night.

It’s a smart invention which lets you having control over the device remotely from your smartphone. In a nutshell, it’s a device that is compatible with every smartphones, tablets, PCs. There may have some exceptions. But although, you can watch over the surroundings of your door from anywhere.

Nowadays, doorbell cameras gain lots of applause. However, we have to think about its drawbacks also since it’s an invention of science.

I’ve written some pros and cons that one can face using a doorbell camera.


  • You can talk to the visitor through it staying inside
  • Everything is recorded
  • See who is at the door on your smartphone's monitor
  • Motion-detection sensor and notification system
  • A clear night vision system
  • Extra cloud storage
  • Connects through both Wi-Fi and wires
  • Cheap and easy  installation and maintenance


  • Frequent false alarm if the motion sensor appears to be more sensitive
  • High or low temperature can cause its physical damage
  • Short battery life
  • To recharge battery it needs to be unmounted
  • It’s hard to get strong Wi-Fi coverage outside the house. Therefore, the doorbell may not connect to the phone.

Security camera

The concept of security cameras is old but potential way to guard your home. Mainly, it records everything happens around its coverage. Almost every security camera has motion-sensing technology. Therefore, it’s a kind of impossible thing to dodge a security camera.

At the initial past, home security cameras are installed for outdoor surveillance. However, by the time has passed, it has also an indoor surveillance version.

So, whether the intruder is exterior or interior, he is every step is recorded by the installed security camera. security camera does its recording work even at night because it has night vision optimization.

Another thing is some of them are designed to look around at 360° angle. And, some of them are designed to look around at 180° angle. Which allows you to know what is happening around your house.

As we can consider a security camera as a contribution of science we must not forget that it advantages comes with some drawbacks too!

Therefore, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of a security camera.


  • Designed look around on 360° and 180° angle
  • 24/7 activities are recorded on the camera
  • Motion sensing technology
  • Night vision technology
  • Crime determination
  • Comes with an extra cloud storage


  • As everything is recorded, privacy can be an issue for commons
  • Vulnerable and sometimes can be dogged
  • The installation and maintenance is a bit costly
  • It cannot stop being theft, rather it only records the evidence
  • Exaggerated system for a small house

Similarities between Doorbell camera and Security camera

Both cameras are designed to keep your house under surveillance and gather all kind of evidence against an intruder or a burglar. Both of them has high video quality. Therefore, you can see a clear view of outside.

Both cameras include motion detection. Means they notify you about the presence of visitors.

Night vision technology is another advantage of the cameras that allows the homeowner to see a clear video of the night’s activity. A two-way speaker system is also included in both cameras. Extra cloud storage is always given with both cameras.

Surely, there are many similarities between the two. Because both of them want to serve you with their best. But on some point, they have differences in between. On my next point, I’m going to discuss the difference between doorbell camera and security camera. 

Difference between Doorbell camera and Security camera

Let’s commence with the installation procedure. The processes more complex for a security camera than a doorbell camera. Security cameras show excellent proficiency in many places. We have no dispute on that.

But, do really think that a small house will be going to need a security camera? Wouldn’t be a bit dramatic? And it will be costly compared to the size of the house. So, for such case, you'll be going to need a doorbell camera.

Similarly, if your house is big and covers a vast space you are definitely going to need security camera rather than a tiny doorbell camera.

The security camera’s got more durability than doorbell camera. because most of the doorbell camera runs on battery that needs to recharge after certain months. Whereas, security camera runs on electricity.

Another thing is, doorbell camera stays awake even if you don’t have electricity in your house. Contrary, as security camera has a wired system, it turns off when electricity is lost.


Before you buy something, it is necessary to gain clear concept about it. In this article, I've provided you necessary knowledge about doorbell camera and security camera. therefore, you will be able to choose the best for you whichever fulfills your needs and expectation.

John Bryan

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