Best Tow Straps – The Ultimate Guide

When you hit the off-road for some vacation or trip, you may face the frustrating situation of getting stuck. In fact, your vehicle can get stuck in mud, snow, hole and even desert sands. A tow strap or recovery strap is a perfect gear to pull that vehicle out through pulling. Not to mention, the tow strap is remarkably safer and easier to use for towing than thin ropes.

Weaker straps can break or snap under heavy tension in no time. In that case, the strap won’t be of much help. Therefore, you need to have the perfect strap to pull your vehicle. But there are too many to choose and you obviously don’t have that much time to go through them. This is why we got here 10 best tow straps that can deliver a smooth and safe pulling for your stuck vehicle.

Best Tow Straps – Comparison Table




Breaking Strength



3” x 8’

30000 lbs

Deep Yellow

3” x 20’

31518 lbs

Black & Bright Green

2” x 3’

10000 lbs

Deep Yellow

2” x 6’

9400 lbs

Bright Yellow

2” x 20’

10000 lbs

Bright Yellow

2” x 20’

10000 lbs

Deep Yellow

2” x 30’

10000 lbs

Deep Yellow

3” x 30’

35000 lbs

Bright Mint

3” x 30’

30000 lbs

Bright Yellow

3” x 30’

30000 lbs

Light Yellow

10 Best Tow Straps For 2019

Best Tow Straps over dozens of competitive models from different brands listed below-

You can make a perfect recovery for your vehicle using this unit along with a winch. And the most incredible part is that it safeguards the plants off any damage and other uses as well. In fact, this strap comes with a rather small size to meet your needs. The heavy duty strap from TGL induces greater capacity against its smaller size. The length is 8’ whereas the width is only 3”.Yet the unaltered capacity of 30000 pounds induces the best yellow tow strap for your use.

More photo & price on amazon.com

Through commercial quality construction material, you get the higher capacity. Not to mention, heavy-duty polyester induces maximum strength. Therefore, you will receive increased durability. Apart from that, there comes reinforcement for the loops to impart stiffness to the loop. The black reinforcement over the yellow straps provides a good visibility to work with. Again, it ensures much less wear or tear against intense or heavy loading. Resisting possible abrasions, the loop can extend the lifespan of the strap with the secured attachment points.

Incorporating an additional wearing bar at the middle of the strap, you will get better visibility. Going through several arbitrary testing proves its ability to fulfill your requirements. Being CE and TUV approved, the strap maintains the strictest guidelines at or above certain limits. Along with some of the best touches, this TGL creation equals great price that becomes a regular choice for various people.


  • Durable & sturdy polyester construction.
  • Increased capacity of 30000 pounds.
  • Reinforced loops for better serviceability.
  • Smaller in size to handle large loads.
  • check
    Black & yellow design induces visibility.


  • Fraying can occur over repeated applications.
  • Not very suitable as a huge tree strap.

Having an innovative, unique design and construction, RHINO comes with a perfect piece of strap to tow your vehicle. The recovery straps are of high-quality that supports a renowned American company. Needless to say, Rhino USA produces some of the best automotive parts including highly accepted towing accessories. Being an emergency towing rope, this unit comes with sufficient strength to offer a reliable service to meet off-road necessities.

More photo & price on amazon.com

Along with some versatile features, this is indeed the best off-road tow strap you can find at the market. The strap is made from the exclusive webbing of quality polymer/silk. Therefore, you will find the strap soft enough to deal with, yet it provides an incredibly tough capacity at anywhere. Thus it induces superior strength to handle heavy loads with ease. In fact, laboratory testing indicates its breaking strength to be 31518 pounds.

The top quality accessory is able to handle any situation and it will give a peace of mind for sure. Knowing that it can get you out of several problems with ease, you should keep it with you. And to enable a convenient and easy portability, this unit comes with an additional carry bag. The bag is able to hold 10+ pounds at once which you can use to keep other small things. Considering the price, it has almost everything in one thing to meet your expectations.


  • Highly sturdy with webbing of poly/silk.
  • Soft yet tough quality construction.
  • Higher breaking strength of 31518 pounds.
  • Included carry bag to hold accessories.
  • check
    Secure mental peace for off-road towing.


  • Crooked or missing stitches can be present.
  • Multiple running places for fabric may occur.

Ergonomic webbing design is the prerequisite to produce a perfect tie-downing tow strap. The webbing needs a different value for rated capacity, weave pattern and abrasion resistance when it comes to automobile roof rack. Therefore, Keeper comes with a perfect commitment to induce a high-quality and long-lasting webbing that will deliver a satisfactory fulfillment for specified applications. Not to mention, the HI-TEST webbing from Keeper is developed to offer increased strength.

More photo & price on amazon.com

The webbing geometry of this best short tow strap consists of 3 different layers for high-tenacity yarning. The face and back layers impart greater protection against weather and abrasion. The edge layers also contribute to increasing the resistance. Meanwhile, the central one or warp yarn gives the strength to hold the load. With a 10000-pound capacity, this one meets the requirement of different values. This much of potency is far enough to deliver an easy and safe recovery for your vehicle. Though this is quite lower than the previous two, yet can provide a perfect tie-down service for sure.

Along with 2” width and 36” length, the axle strap of 3333 pounds of working load is able to get you a protective sleeve. Featuring stamped Delta rings of steel, it induces better maneuverability. Moreover, the additional anchor points are ideal for ratcheting tie-downs. This best keeper strap allows making easy attachment along with superior reliability.


  • HI-TEST geometry induces complete protection.
  • 10000-pounded tie-down meets different requirements.
  • High-tenacity yarns of 3 layers provide strength.
  • Simulates real application with steel D rings.
  • check
    Ideal ratchet tie-down through anchor points.


  • Sudden application of load may break the rings.
  • Repeated usage reduces the breaking strength.

Like the previous one, this lift sling from Keeper comes with performance-enhancing construction with a user-friendly design. In fact, this best tow rope is another commitment of Keeper that induces long-lasting and high-quality webbing that comes with perfection. Having the innovative HI-TEST design, this versatile creation meets all the WSTDA standards. Though it offers slightly lighter breaking strength than the aforementioned one, yet it gets you superior compatibility for various lifting works.

More photo & price on amazon.com

Through industry standardized polyester made webbings, it provides greater serviceability and sufficient strength to take the load. Being less sensitive to possible stretching, you will find it helpful to make the towing. Again, the polyester induces incredible wear properties which will encourage the effective lifespan. You can use this lift basket, vertical and choker hitches. Not to mention, the capacity is different yet sufficient to hold it. The rope has 3100, 2480 and 9400 pounds of rated capacity for verticals, chokers,and baskets respectively.

To ensure a secure contact between the slings and the hitches, there comes wrapped ends for the loops. Therefore, it gets wear-resisting characteristics for the loops which makes it more durable to handle intense loading. Also, it withstands bow shackling or over hooking with ease. With lightweight construction and easy control over the lifting, this best Keeper tow strap is a great alternative of chains for your vehicles.


  • Patented HI-TEST sling uses 20000-lb webbings.
  • Minimal stretching with polyester construction.
  • Sturdy fabric cover induces durable loop ends.
  • 1 ply slings of 2” have different capacities.
  • check
    Wear-resisting cover offers further protection.


  • The black mesh may tear apart due to overloading.
  • Fraying of the yellow may occur over careless usage.

The combination of classic design with superior construction leads a premium quality tow strap for this Neiko creation. Along with the safety hooks at the ends, you can make a rather easy pulling without much effort. The induced webbings are of high-quality polyester that offers optimum strength with maximized lifespan. Not to mention, it comes with better capacity and performance than traditional polypropylene straps. The uniform webbing allows the load to get distributed easily and encourages a consistent pulling throughout the strap.

More photo & price on amazon.com

Human eyes can catch yellow colors a bit faster than others and therefore, the strap comes in a highly visible yellow appearance. The yellow doesn’t shrink, stretch or mildew at all which makes this suitable for all climates. Apart from that, the classic pattern of the woven webbings offers greater protection for the edges. In fact, it helps the edges to resists abrasion and wear. Thus you will receive an incredible longevity through this versatile unit.

The 20’ long and 2” wide is capable of towing your vehicles or other heavy accessories during roadside emergencies. Needless to say, the strap comes with a breaking strength of 10000 pounds which is good enough to pull common vehicles. Being lighter, this best tow strap is easy to handle and is soft but tough, it is safe to tow compared with the conventional tow chains.


  • Classic pattern of webbings offers additional strength.
  • Premium polyester ensures consistent pulling.
  • Abrasion and wear-resisting edges impart longevity.
  • Easy and secured hooking through safety buckles.
  • check
    Heat treated and drop forged hooks at the ends.


  • The metal hook may not fit some particular loops.
  • Heavy impact load can cause the bending of hook.

Having almost the same design, construction and features, this one is more like a clone to the previous one. From construction material to webbing pattern, from the size to capacity, these two are just the same. Along with commercial graded polyester construction, this best heavy duty recovery strap induces optimum strength for both towing and recovery. The conventional woven pattern of the webbings induces a better, quick and uniform distribution of the load.

More photo & price on amazon.com

The most noticeable difference you will find at a glance between these two is their colors. Though they both have yellow outlook, you can easily get the distinction. The former comes with a lighter yellow and the latter has a deeper yellow appearance. Therefore, this one becomes easy to locate. Of course, the yellow catches almost no shrink, stretch or mildew allowing the strap to last longer. The edges are also resistant to abrasion and wear over repeated usage which encourages its longevity to tow your vehicle.

Apart from that, this is also 20’ in length and 2” in width. Having the same size, it comes with thesame capacity of 10000 pounds of breaking strength. As mentioned earlier, this much capacity is enough to pull most of the common vehicles with ease. The polyester induces a soft yet tough construction to tow with safety and again, the lightweight strap allows you to handle this unit.


  • High-quality polyester offers consistent pulling.
  • Increased durability through traditional weaving pattern.
  • Convenient towing along with safety hooks at ends.
  • Deep yellow induces better visibility at any condition.
  • check
    Greater longevity with abrasion and wear-resisting edges.


  • Heavy loading may rip off the safety hooks.
  • Not suitable for towing stuck heavy vehicles.

Holding some similarities to the aforementioned 2, this tow strap from Hardware Factory Store promises versatile applications in towing. The strap is 2” wide and 30’ long to pull the broken-down or stuck vehicle with ease and safety. In fact, the 30’ rope includes innumerable slacks to tow the stuck vehicles in hilly regions and other precarious spaces.

More photo & price on amazon.com

Speaking of the construction material, it is of standard polyester which lasts longer than polypropylene straps and typical towing chains. The high-strength polyester introduces a great capacity of 10000 pounds. Though this is the actual capacity, you should not pull any vehicles having weight over 5000 pounds. In fact, this is the safe capacity to accommodate the stuck vehicle. On the other hand, it comes with 3300 pounds of working limit through which you can lift any objects in the vertical direction.

Offering a bright yellow color, the strap induces perfect visibility for almost all seasons. Also, there are 2 hooks of forged metal at the ends of the strap allowing a safer towing. Through zinc coating, the hooks provide 3 times resistance to corrosion than others. Meeting all the industrial safety ratings, this best heavy duty tow strap with hooks has everything you need to pull your vehicle with optimum ease.


  • Superior visibility through bright yellow colored strap.
  • High-strength polyester offers maximized serviceability.
  • Capable of withstanding 10000 pounds of stress.
  • 30’ long strap eases the towing in precarious regions.
  • check
    Safety hooks having retaining clips fit the loops easily.


  • Snapping can take place in case of heavily stuck vehicle.
  • Intense usage may cause the stitching to come out.

If you don’t want to tow your vehicle without thinking about its capacity, then this is indeed the best option you have. Extremely high strength and capacity come with this Sunferno creation which induces almost no snapping over intense or heavy loading. The green exterior provides a stylish appearance along with incredibly high visibility even in mud or snow. Being water resistant, you will get no fraying or weakening of the straps.

More photo & price on amazon.com

With proprietary polyester and nylon mix, this strap is one of the few ones offering more than 35000 pounds of capacity. In fact, laboratory tests confirm the breaking strength for this one to be 35321 pounds. Using this much of capacity, you can easily take care of fallen trees, bushes, stumps or debris in no time. Through stretching and pulling, you can pull out any stuck vehicle in case of emergencies. And if the strap gets dirty, you can clean it using water without the slightest trouble.

Featuring an eye loop with reinforcement, it allows a strong shackling grip. Again, the single plying imparts further strength to bear the load with ease. Apart from all these, there come protective sleeves which keeps you safe from getting hurt while hooking or towing. Delivering 10% maximum stretching, this is indeed the best offroad recovery strap for you to use.


  • Ultimate breaking capacity of 35000 pounds.
  • Optimum durability with proprietary polyester.
  • Higher visibility with the waterproof green strap.
  • Maximum 10% stretching eases vehicle retrieval.
  • check
    Included bag ensures safe storage for the strap.


  • No hook is available to tie around the loops.
  • 20’ length may not hold good for particular places.

When you don’t want to settle for the cheap quality strap, you have to consider premium quality. USWAY Gear introduces a versatile tow strap with superior strength and capacity to meet your demands. The polyester construction gets you a higher breaking strength of 30000 pounds. Although the working load is 10000 pounds only, it can tow almost all trucks without difficulty. Careful weaving along with reinforced stitching, loops gets you one best truck tow strap that won’t let your hope down.

More photo & price on amazon.com

Through a greater size of 3” width and 30’ length comparing with our listed straps, it induces optimum safety. During an emergency pulling, this unit prevents possible damage, collision,and scratches. Despite having a sturdy construction, it comes with a soft and lightweight strap to carry. The construction is moisture, weather resistant and also, waterproof to deliver a 100% satisfactory service.

The reinforced loops help you to tie down the stuck vehicles whereas the protective sleeve allows a safe towing. With high-quality strap, you will experience less wear and tear. Whether the vehicle got stuck in a ditch, hole, swampy mud, desert sand or snowy roads, this rope will surely fit your bill. And if the strap gets dirty, you can easily wash it which will elongate its durability.


  • Heavy-duty polyester provides strength and durability.
  • Greater working load of 10000 pounds suits most vehicles.
  • Larger sized strap offers better pulling and stretching.
  • Reinforced loops with protective sleeve allow safe towing.
  • check
    Additional storage bag induces safe and easy storage.


  • Defective design can provide nylon tearing.
  • No metal hook is present to tie down the loops.

Featuring double-stitching and double hooks, this one from Smittybiltcome with exceptional durability and strength. In fact, Smittybilt offers several accessories with outstanding reliability in the off-road industry. And they provide a perfect strap for towing which has similar features to the previous rope. The high-quality construction of polyester webbings ensures enhanced durability and performance. Not to mention, it imparts a pulling capacity of 30000 pounds which hold pretty good for towing or recover your stuck vehicle.

More photo & price on amazon.com

Again, the similar size of 3” width with 30’ length for this best recovery strapmakes it easy to handle the heavy load. Of course, increased length suits towing and recovery in hilly places. Through double stitching, it meets several industry guidelines which makes it a reliable option for off road recovery. Like the former one, this unit comes with the same yellow outlook with black stitching. The yellow strap gets a better visibility to work even at the night. Needless to say, the eye-catching color helps you to locate it in all climates.

Having an innovative and convenient double loop at the ends, you will find it safe to apply the heavy loads over the strap in any condition. The loop ensures a perfect tie-down for the stuck vehicle to deliver uniform and consistent pulling rate.The superior construction for this best Smittybilt recovery strap withstands the toughest, roughest treatment without delay.


  • Higher towing capacity with polyester strap.
  • Increased visibility with a yellow appearance.
  • Optimum durability and weather resistant.
  • Easy tie-down through dual loop design.
  • check
    Uniform as well as consistent pulling rate.


  • Working capacity is lower than actual capacity.
  • Fraying and wearing may occur after some time.

Buying Guide

There are too many tow straps are available to choose in the market. When you need to buy one, you do make some comparisons between suitable choices. Knowing some specific factors, therefore, will certainly help to lessen the troublesome searching. This is why we got here the crucial factors to help you find the best-suited strap for your vehicle.

Vehicle Type:

Which type of vehicle you will recover or tow is the very first important thing to consider. For trucks or lighter vehicles, the capacity of 30000 pounds should hold good. For trailers or similar heavy vehicles, common ones will end up in snapping. And you need something with higher capacity.


Capacity, durability mainly depends on the material type and their pattern. At present, polyester straps are mostly preferred due to their soft yet tough construction. In fact, all the best quality straps come with polyester.


Regarding the vehicle type, capacity is very important. What to understand is here that the breaking strength is not the working load strength. In fact, the rated working load is considerably less than the actual capacity.


Though size is not a big issue, yet it contributes to the consistency of the pulling rate. In general, straps of 2” width and 20’ length holds good for light trucks and cars on the smooth road. But for hilly or undulated places require higher pulling efficiency for which straps of 3” width and 30’ length hold good.


How you are about to attach the strap to the loop is of significant importance. There are straps with and without metal hooks. Depending on your vehicle size, weight and loops, you have to make the decision.

How to Use Tow Straps

Here is a simplified guideline to help you with your towing safely.

  • Avoid wrapping the strap using the hooks or rings into the hitch, rather wrap it around.
  • Check out the hooks, hitches and all the included hardware to ensure that they are free from defect and rust.
  • Choose a secure point on the frame to make the attachment. Don’t take any bumper, axle, suspension or steering rods.
  • It is better to lay a tarp to avoid accidents in case the strap breaks or snaps.
  • Don’t ever think of making a knot. Let the strap pass through one end and complete the loop using the other end.
  • Attach the hook to the rear mounting point of the vehicle back that needs pulling.
  • Then hook the other end of the strap to the pulling vehicle. Check for a stronger loop under the vehicle if possible.
  • After a secured attachment, start pulling the car without jerking. Try to keep the speed within a certain limit, don’t get it to highway speed.

Recovery Straps vs Tow Straps

Most of the time, people interchangeably use the terms tow strap and recovery strap. There are noticeable differences between these two and you can use tow strap and recovery strap for different purposes. And to get you a clearer picture of them, we got here some of the common differences between these two.

  • A recovery strap is of nylon whereas the tow strap is of polyester or polypropylene.
  • Tow strap has metal hooks at the end but recovery ones have no metal hooks.
  • A recovery strap is used to recover an immobilized vehicle. On the other hand, a tow strap is mainly used for towing any ‘free-wheeling’ behind another.
  • Snatch strap is also a known term of recovery strap for snatching ability from stuck position.
  • Recovery strap can be used for light towing applications but tow strap can’t be used for recovery applications.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: Are the tow straps rated for lifting?

Answer: The strap has little lifting capacity comparing with its towing capacity.

Question: What is the common size of the shackle?

Answer: Approximately ¾”.

Question: Is it possible to do skid logging?

Answer: If the strap has higher capacity and tough construction.

Question: How much stretching is acceptable for tow straps?

Answer: Polyester comes with almost no stretching ability, whereas nylon has 15-30% stretching. This much of stretching holds good to get the job done.

Question: What is kinetic and non-kinetic recovery strap?

Answer: Kinetic strap means tow strap and non-kinetic means recovery strap.

Question: Can the recovery strap be used for towing?

Answer: In particular cases, yes. But the towing one can’t be used for recovery.

Question: Is it suitable as an anchor for falling arrest system?

Answer: Not at all. These products are unsuitable for several personal restraints.

Question: What is the size of the included loops?

Answer: In general, the loops have 9”-12” size according to the strap width and length.

Final Verdict

When you want to maintain the supportive attitude even for your off-road driving, you should get your vehicles furnished with this essential gear. You don’t know when your car will get stuck while traveling with your family or friends.

Having the best tow strap for the car will help you to get out of that troublesome situation with ease. We spent a lot of time to analyze numerous models to pick the best 10. You will get few suitable alternatives for these aforementioned straps to meet your demands for sure.

Best of luck!

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