Basic Mechanics Tools – Ultimate Guide

Are you a beginner? Or do you find trouble or lacking while working with your mechanic tools? This article is the guide for basic mechanics tools. Whether you are a beginner or not, you should keep some tools to fulfill your work.

I clearly remember the time when I start gather mechanic tools. I had some few tools to work with. And that time I found difficulties to work with. Then I built up my tools collection. Now I can do most of the automotive repair on my own.

So, I’m sharing the list for the beginner and those who find difficulties to work with their tools.

Let’s see the list of basic mechanics tools that every mechanic should have.

1. Wrench

A quality set of wrenches is very good to tighten with nuts and bolts. The set should consist socket wrench and crescent wrench. The most valuable part is various sizes of nuts and bolts can be handled with only one wrench.

This is unique for its adjustable head. So, it is not only a simple collection but also a useful item too.

2. Ratchets

Ratchets are used to prevent motion of opposite direction. That means it allows the motion only one direction. The motion could be linear or rotary. Variety range of application is available. For a starter, it is a must-have item. Three different sizes; small (1/4 inches), medium (3/8 inches) and the large (1/2 inches) are commonly used.

3. Screwdriver

The screwdriver is most common mechanic tools. We use it frequently. However, we can divide two different type; flat head and Philips head screwdriver. Other than this, length is also important to do some job.

You can also get a set of screwdrivers that has interchangeable head replacement facility. You can find some screwdrivers tips are magnetic to remain attached to a screw. It helps to work in a hard to reach an area. Also, there is some power screwdriver that works with battery power. You will need less effort to work with it. If you are a heavy user then you might like it.

4. Sockets

Sockets are works with the wrench. Different sizes of sockets are used to fit with nuts and bolts. Short and long size are available according to nuts and bolts. So, for choosing the right one of metric as your wrench.


It is a hand tool used with different type of connector, hoses etc. many jobs can be done with a different type of pliers. Such as :

1. Long nose pliers

Mainly works with electric wear to make a perfect bend. Needle nose and lineman’s pliers are found in this category.

2. Pump pliers

Pump pliers are work with a wrench. Those can grip perfectly for working with nuts and bolts. It is a must-have product if you are going to work with pipes. So, go for it for plumbing and household repair.

3. Pliers for electronics

The jaw of this type of pliers are narrow and tiny. Mainly used to cut electric wear. Only 5 inches in lengths makes them attractive and handy too.

4. Cutting pliers

These are only for cutting. For a sharp cut, these are unbeatable. For cutting heavy wear and small metallic hardware, six to 10 inches of cutting pliers are available. Less effort is required to do those cutting job.


Hammers are another basic mechanic’s tools that workers use to get their job done. For home use, one or two types hammer needed. But for the professional job need more. Their head made such a way to do the job perfectly.

1. Claw Hammer

They are designed to work with wood, steel, and glass-fiber. One end of this hammer is “V” shaped to remove nails from timber. Another end is round to place nails. It works like a liver. Both home and a professional job can be done with it.

2. Ball Pein

For shaping metallic objects, the round shape is used for that hammer. Normally, professional, such as; engineer use this hammer. Also, you can use it home, if you have such kind of job.

3. Lump Hammer

Also called club hammer. Both ends of this hammer are same. Used for heavy work with steel and nails.

4. Wood Hammer

These are for work with wood, rubber etc. they can have done their job without making any mark. The common uses are joint wood and gain stock from a cricket bat. There are also, various kind of hammer available. But the given hammers used widely.

Breaker Bar

Broker bar is ideal for taking out tight and tough bolts. You can use the torque force by this mechanic tool. Different sizes available to work with different kind of bolts.

Pry Bar

It’s another name is the lever. Used to pulling out heavy nails and breakdown joints. Joints those are nearly impossible to break is nowadays easy with this tool.


This is an electric mechanic tool to measure amperage. If you plan to work with electronics then go for it. One caution is, don’t do an electric job without proper knowledge.

The Jack

Pulling heavy objects is easier with this tool. For changing an old tire, you need to pull your car. So, this can help you regarding this matter. For a safe and less effort in terms of pulling heavy objects, it is ideal.

Measurement Tape

All the above-mentioned tools are needed to work perfectly. That’s why sometimes we need to measure the size to work perfectly. A small but useful and must-have with all tools.


Finally, all the tools that mentioned are necessary for beginners and professional. I have clarified mechanical tools and their uses from my work experiences.

So, don’t hesitate to accept basic mechanics tools to work as like as a professional.

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